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When Li Changfeng got indulged in thinking, reserves gradually came to the nearby Pig Head Mountain. In order to avoid acting rashly and alerting the enemy, reserves stopped at the 0.5km distance from Pig Head Mountain. The first team and second team, responsible for the attack on the north side, as well as the third team and fourth team, charge of the assault on the east side, had slipped into the forest. The fifth team, sixth team and seventh team, focusing on the major battle on the south side, would wait for one hour on the spot. When the promised time came, the seven teams would block the three directions and launch the battle.


"Is this the only path to go up the mountain?" Wearing light clothes, the eighth team was the first team to arrive on the west side of Pig Head Mountain.


Looking at the only path, Li Changfeng felt their mission very easy in appearance. The path was utterly dangerous, which could be even regarded as cliff, for it was set up on a steep hill; except some acting points, there were no other pedal places. If someone walked down along the path, he would be an obvious target; it was easy for him to be killed by mere a stone. Moreover, it was impossible for people to survive after dropping down from the path.


"Yes, Childe Fourth. There is only one path on the west side of Pig Head Mountain. We only need to wait here and nobody dares to flee through this path." The leader of the 30 guards remained two meters distance from Li Changfeng all the time.


"Em, you're right." Li Changfeng threw out a glimpse to the leader and waved his hand towards his back, the eighth team then dismissing. He did this for there was nothing to do. They needed to wait the battle to be launched on the three other sides; at that time, they could know what they could do here.



"Do you think they have started the attack now?"


Leaning against a tree, Li Changfeng got awful boring and felt a kind of indescribable tense. He was very familiar with this feeling. When he had been on the Earth, every time something bad had happened he would be hit by this type of tense. At present, he thought it was because he didn't experience such a battle in this world, he got nervous.


"Maybe." The leader raised his head and judged time by observing the sunshine of leaves crevice.


"Childe Fourth, how about this? You and your team leave here, and I take people to see whether other sides need supports or not. There is nothing to do now. It doesn't need so many people to stay here." The leader noticed that the eighth team members lay or squatted on the ground, but he didn't show any contempt; instead, the trace of hope could be found in his eyes.


"Em, okay. You can leave here. We will hold this path." Li Changfeng waved his hand and turned his head to the other side.


"Okay, Childe Fourth, please pay more attention to your safety." The leader slightly nodded his head and then led a team to go away.


Looking at their backs, Li Changfeng opened his eyes wide in a sudden. When they disappeared from his sights, Li Changfeng stood up immediately.


"Attention! Every one! Withdraw now! Hurry up!"

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