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"Childe Fourth, how about this? At first, I planned to order my 30 guards to hold the narrow path on the west side. After all, this is a good chance to increase experience. Are you willing to hand over your right temporarily? Your team can follow my guards to experience this battle."


Liu Wuneng's tentative expression and words made all people in the tent cast a disdainful glance on Li Changfeng. It was known that noble members were coward before the battle, so did Li Changfeng.


"Heh." Noticing people's sights around him, Li Changfeng let out a cold smile, "Mr. Liu, don't worry. I can lead my team. You know how recalcitrant my team members are. They are difficult to be managed. So I will go with them together. I don't want them to make trouble for you."


"What the fuck! Damn fatty! You can talk about the thing on the sly! Why you said that before so many people? How can I maintain my dignity?" Li Changfeng cursed Liu Wuneng in his heart though he smiled in appearance. Actually, he really wanted to slap Liu Wuneng.


"That'll be fine. Childe Fourth, you can be at ease. The west side is safest and only a narrow path is located there. With my 30 guards, you will not suffer heavy injuries."


"Em, I got it. Shall we start off now? It has 5km distance from military camp to Pig Head Mountain. We need time to get there." Li Changfeng darkened his face completely.


He scolded Liu Wuneng inwardly for he thought his heroic image was damaged by Liu Wuneng.


"Okay. It's getting late. Let's go." Liu Wuneng didn't imagine that Li Changfeng would behave like this. At first, he thought that Li Changfeng would agree to transfer his military leadership to him for the time being. If Li Changfeng did like that, when they reached Pig Head Mountain, he would require Li Changfeng to follow the team with the excuse of the eighth team difficult to be managed. However, Li Changfeng promised to lead the team by himself!


Reserves moved towards west like a great flood, and only several soldiers were left in the military camp. The guards of Castellan's Residence replaced the reserves to protect the safety of White Tiger City. Those guards were not too many, but all were strong. When they popped up, White Tiger City got boisterous, because citizens knew guards of Castellan's Residence would protect the city only under the condition that reserves were shorthanded. According to the previous experience, only when reserves went to suppress bandits, they would be shorthanded. For citizens usually living a dull life in White Tiger City, this news would be a hot topic.


It seemed strange!


Li Changfeng sat on a horse and glanced at the reserves over and over again. Among all teams, he was the only one to enjoy the privilege of riding a horse. The whole reserves were indeed in high spirit, but Li Changfeng felt extremely strange, for there was no military doctor to follow the army.


Although there was just 5km from the military camp to Pig Head Mountain, and they would carry out a close-range battle, which meant they could fight two rounds in one day. But when the battle started, people must be hurt or die. Those people were not iron men! Lacking military doctor was also a huge loophole for this battle. If Liu Wuneng had no strong confidence, he would make a big military mistake, because nobody could ensure there were no injuries and deaths in a battle. But observing Liu Wuneng's confident expression, Li Changfeng felt Liu Wuneng didn't seem to make such a mistake.

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