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"Look at the topographic map of Pig Head Mountain." Seeing Li Changfeng into the tent, Liu Wuneng picked up a lathy stick and began explaining to leaders.


"In fact, we're familiar with Pig Head Mountain for we have attacked it many times. But we're troubled by its topography every time, because it is a place easy to hold but hard to attack!"


"Furthermore, there are several escaping routes in the mountain. The paths at the east, south and north directions are all unblocked. Only at the west direction is a narrow path, relatively easy to guard. Previously, we can't wipe the bandits out, but this time all reserves prepare for the fight. I hope we can exterminate them by one time, so as to spare all later trouble. Do you have suggestions?"


Liu Wuneng looked around; his eyes stopped on Li Changfeng for a while. When he noticed that Li Changfeng just observed the topographic map in a serious face, his corners of the mouth raised slightly.


"Now that you don't present any suggestion, we can discuss the allocation of people for this battle." Liu Wuneng again put his finger on the map when all leaders were in silence.


"First Leader (leader of the first team), what do you think? How do you plan to allocate your team?" Liu Wuneng leant against the table and threw out a glance to the muscular man beside him.


"Mr. Liu." First Leader lowered his head and considered for a while, "Now that we plan to wipe out the bandits on Pig Head Mountain, I think our team had better partner with the second team to guard the north side. It's relatively steady, because our first team and the second team usually practice together. We're familiar with each other. So I think if our two teams collaborate, we can completely block all routes on the north side."


"Are you sure?" Liu Wuneng came up with a question.


"No problem." First Leader and Second Leader (leader of the second team) nodded their heads at the same time.


"Fine. The first team and the second team are going to responsible for the attack at the north direction." Liu Wuneng nodded his head with satisfaction.


"How about the east side?"


"Mr. Liu, please enable our third team and the fourth team to take charge of the east side."


Kui Xiong stood out initiatively. After the fight with Li Changfeng's team last time, he clearly felt that Liu Wuneng was dissatisfied with him, so he needed a chance to redeem his image and display his strength.


"Em. The east side is your two teams' duty now. Don't let any bandit flee away." Liu Wuneng nodded his head.


"Mr. Liu, you can believe us!" Promised Kui Xiong.


"Fine. In this case, the fifth team, sixth team and seventh team are going to be responsible for the south side. This side is close to the official road and is a major battlefield. Therefore, we need to put most of people on the south side in order to arrest all bandits."


"Yes! Mr. Liu!" The leaders of three teams replied.


"As for the eighth team…" Liu Wuneng thought for a while and then fixed his eyes on Li Changfeng.


"Em?" Facing people's eyes to him, Li Changfeng blinked his eyes in an innocent expression. What's the matter with his team? The team consisted of 23 people only. Did the eighth team take charge of a direction? If the answer was "yes", it would be too ridiculous!

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