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After the reserves gathered together for a long time, Liu Wuneng turned up in people's anticipated sights. Different from ordinary times, he wore a suit of armor, which was unusual. Even the approximately 30 guards behind Liu Wuneng were in good preparations.


"Yesterday's afternoon, we received two complaints!" Liu Wuneng stood on the platform with a serious face, seeming very decent.


"Two groups of travelling merchants were robbed near Pig Head Mountain on yesterday's afternoon. According to the escaped people, more than 20 people died in the two robberies." By saying that, Liu Wuneng gave a glimpse to the people under the platform, "The bandits on Pig Head Mountain are extremely ferocious. Although we have suppressed them for a dozen times, they always come back. Therefore, taking advantage of their new momentum, we go to Pig Head Mountain and root up them."


After these words, Liu Wuneng held his arms high. Immediately, all people under the platform followed him and roared, "Exterminate bandits, root up them! Exterminate…"


"Fatty seems to enjoy a good status." Li Changfeng went along with the crowds to wave his arms. He really got amazed for noticing people around him in high fighting spirit. In fact, this suppression was a battle in reality. On the battlefield, casualties were inevitable. But he could not find anyone showing a sign of fearing death.


"Stop!" Liu Wuneng waved his hand, the whole reserves quieting down.


"You have 15 minutes to prepare. Leaders come to my tent at once. We need to discuss a method to encircle and suppress Pig Head Mountain." After speaking out this, Liu Wuneng moved his hand and got back to his tent accompanied by his gurads.


"Do you need to prepare?" When the crowds scattered, Li Changfeng turned round and looked at his team. Nearly all people in the reserves wore helmets and armors with lances and iron swords, except the eighth team; they wore common cloth gowns. They did that because Li Changfeng told them wearing helmet and armor could greatly reinforce the protection for body, but in the meantime, their movement and agility would be hugely restricted. Wearing helmet and armor was also inconsistent with the "deadly blow for special fight"; Li Changfeng preferred going to the battle-front without any burden.


"No. We just need a knife." The 23 people shook their heads for they had a strong confidence in themselves.


"Fine. Go to prepare." Li Changfeng touched his nose with a thoughtful expression and then went to Liu Wuneng's tent.


Without any reason, Li Changfeng didn't have peace of mind inwardly for this sudden news. Even if bandits were not too many, under the condition of they occupying the mountain, a hasty attack should be avoided. Besides, they didn't know the specific number of bandits. Now that those bandits belonged to Pig Head Mountain, they could pretend they were rich merchants and enticed bandits to leave the mountain. By this way, those bandits would lose the advantage of occupying the mountain; at the same time, traps on the mountain could be prevented.


Although reserves couldn't wipe out bandits by one time, with this method, the fighting capacity of bandits would suffer a heavy loss. At that time, it would be easier for reserves to attack the mountain. Even though this method couldn't work, reserves should dispatch several flexible scouts to observe real condition.


Li Changfeng boasted different mindset from people in this world. When he had been on the Earth, he had guided his team to join many drills. Therefore, he was good at basic tactics. This attack was the most inferior tactic; the detection work had not been done.

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