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"Five days passed. Have those elves been sent to the outside already?" Late at night, after cultivation, Li Changfeng didn't want to sleep, so he walked to the yard and breathed fresh air. The cool wind blew on Li Changfeng, reminding him of a nervous feeling. In fact, he didn't know the reason; he had just noticed a kind of strange atmosphere surrounding him in the two days. Every time when he saw Liu Wuneng's smile, the feeling would be intensified.


But considering Liu Wuneng's flattering appearance, Li Changfeng couldn't find the incentive for Liu Wuneng to attack him.


"What are you thinking about?" In the dark night, Sai Ya's gentle sound reached into Li Changfeng's ears.


"Em? Can't you fall asleep again?" Li Changfeng turned round and then patted the ground beside him.


"Yeah. I feel embarrassed here, for I share your room and food but I do nothing for you." Sai Ya sat down beside Li Changfeng and let out a sweet smile which she only showed before her reliable people.


"Heh, don't say that, please. Look at your small body! How many can you eat? Stay here and relax. It's no problem to care for you all your life!" Li Changfeng extended his hand and rubbed his hair in a whirl, giving out a reply.


"I don't need you to care for me!" Redness popped up on Sai Ya's face, "I'm healthy and I can take care of myself well."


"Ha…" Li Changfeng shook his head.


"In fact, I find you're so different sometimes." Gazing at Li Changfeng, Sai Ya released a slight smile.


"Hum? I'm different? Why I don't know?" Li Changfeng laughed and stared at Sai Ya.


"Of course you don't know. Only others can notice that. You are completely different when in quiet mood and in passionate mood."


"Tell me." Observing Sai Ya's earnest expression, Li Changfeng felt his interest was ignited.


"How should I explain it? Em…" Sai Ya lowered her head and thought for a while, "When you're in passionate mood, you behave like a ruffian, but you still have principles to obey. But when you're in quiet mood, I can feel the real peace coming from your body and soul. I really can't guess out what you are thinking about."


"Hey! You don't need to guess! If you want to know, I can tell you my thoughts directly." Meeting Sai Ya's twinkling eyes, Li Changfeng let out a wicked smile.


"No!" Peering at Li Changfeng, Sai Ya shook her head slightly, "You're different now! You become a ruffian again. Your thoughts won't be good. I refuse to hear!"


"I…" Sai Ya stood up and left. Looking at her back, Li Changfeng couldn't speak out a word in a sudden. Was he really different? Why she could find that easily?




Early the next day, Li Changfeng stood before the reserves of the military camp and counted the ants on the ground due to boredom. Liu Wuneng was too strange; he gave out an order and required all teams to gather together.


According to these days, Li Changfeng was clear that Liu Wuneng was so lazy that he would not request collection if the matter could be solved by passing on a message. Liu Wuneng usually stayed in his tent as along as no important thing happened. It seemed that something had happened.

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