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Time flew in the training passion. In the several days, the eighth team had been divided into two groups by Li Changfeng to guard the entrances of White Tiger City. The team would be on duty in turns, prohibiting all suspicious people leaving the city. In the evening, the entrances would be closed and people couldn't be in or out the city.


When a group was guarding the entrances, Li Changfeng would lead the other group to carry out training. After the fight, he stopped training in the military camp and began in the wild. Actually, he got satisfied with the eighth team for they made great progress in promoting their comprehensive fighting quality. He thought they had a talent in being a good soldier.


Just a few days passed, the whole eighth team was completely conquered by Li Changfeng, because he could defeat six members at the same time. How could they react against such a strong leader?


Staying with Li Changfeng, they found in surprise that his required training route was different from other leaders'. In other teams, after warm-up sports, these teams then would cultivate their own magic strength, namely, a magic strength-centered training route. But Li Changfeng's route was extremely different. After the eighth team got exhausted, he would not let them cultivate magic strength; instead, he would teach them about a grapple skill named "deadly blow for special fight".


When Li Changfeng passed on the grapple skill to them, the skill became the most valuable treasure for the eighth team immediately. This fighting model surpassed their cognition; for the first time, they realized that above the competition in physical strength, magic strength and martial skill was a higher-level competition - grapple competition.


They all were clear about the advantages of the grapple skill though Li Changfeng didn't tell them. On the basis of perfect analysis on human body, the skill could teach them to restrict opponent's attacks, lower opponent's defense and kill opponent by one assault. What a fascinating skill!


People were easy to die on the battlefield; the biggest survival chance was to kill enemy as soon as possible. In addition to the training, the battle with each other was most favored by the eighth team. They got familiar with the grapple skill again and again, and meanwhile, they practiced how to avoid raids over and over.


The eighth team was indulged in training with pleasure and didn't need Li Changfeng to supervise and urge. Therefore, Li Changfeng got boring. He had ever inquired about the matters of elves, but after the last time there were no elves missing any more. It was obvious those traffickers got vigilant.


However, Li Changfeng was utterly confused for no elves were sent to the outside. He was sure those missing elves still stayed in White Tiger City. But it was impossible to rummage the city for White Tiger City was too large. He had no qualification to search every family in the city; by the way, there were many powerful families in White Tiger City, who had strong background.


Day and night went on. Every day when Li Changfeng got back home, he didn't dare to face Sai Ya's eyes. Although she said nothing, her hopeful sights to Li Changfeng made him feel disgraced for his previous promise.

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