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Liu Wuneng patted his chest and asked inwardly, "May Li Changfeng be smashed into pieces? Why there is no his trace?" If the General's Residence required meeting Li Changfeng, how could he explain to them? If Li Changfeng died, he was doomed to lose his life.


Not only Liu Wuneng was indulged in puzzlement, but also other people here. Where was Li Changfeng? They had battled with him just now, but they couldn't find him at this moment!


"Stand aside, please. Let me get in!" Li Changfeng's sound came from the crowds when Liu Wuneng and other people got confused.


The big fight at the west entrance attracted hundreds of people; they surrounded the site and watched the scene of bustle.


Under all people's sights, Li Changfeng tried to edge out of the crowds.


"Em? What's the matter? What happened?" Putting on an amazed expression, Li Changfeng looked around and got close to his team, "Mr. Liu, what happened? Why there are so many people?"


Confronting people's surprised and perplexed sights, Li Changfeng seemed like a new comer and observed the surrounding condition.


"Er…" Liu Wuneng completely got bewildered. What the hell! Someone had reported to him that Li Changfeng had led the eighth team to combat with the third team. But why did he reach here just now?


"Ah! What's wrong with my team?" Li Changfeng jumped up in a sudden when Liu Wuneng planned to order these soldiers to get back to the military camp.


"Who did this?" Li Changfeng seized the arms of a man beside him with a heart-breaking expression and winked his eyes to the man.


Seeming to understand Li Changfeng's meaning, the man nodded his head, "Ouch…"


With a screech echoing, the man sat on the ground directly, "Leader, don't touch me! My leg fractured!"


"…" Li Changfeng really wanted to slap the man's head. Damn the man's excuse! What was the man thinking? The man had stood here for a long time and then had said his leg fractured? If there were no many people, Li Changfeng would kick him.


"Now that you said your leg fractured, you'd better sit on the ground well. Don't move! I will break your leg if you are found half-way!" Li Changfeng pretended to care about the man and beat the man's shoulder heavily. He then turned to another man.


"Ah! What's wrong with you? Arm!" Noticing the man's action similar to the last man, Li Changfeng grabbed him and pinched the man's arm with strong strength.


The man comprehended Li Changfeng at once, "Ouch…Leader, don't touch me! My arm is broken! How painful!"


"What? Who can tell me what happened? Who did this?" Li Changfeng asked in rage; he transferred his sights to another man beside him and blinked at the man.


"Ouch! Leader, I have a stomachache! I must suffer internal injuries!"


The rest people of the eighth team recognized Li Changfeng's intent. Before Li Changfeng gave a sign to them, they reported their injuries one by one.


"Leader, I feel chest congestion…"


"Leader, I can't see things!"


"Leader, my waist…"



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