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So perfect!


The 23 men all complained their injuries, which caused Li Changfeng to be satisfied. Except the first people performing not very well, others were all perfect! Their painful expressions seemed real. Added with their awkward appearance, their actions looked real! No one would suspect them for each one of them had fought against several people in the meantime just now.


How shameless!


Hundreds of soldiers around Li Changfeng's team witnessed the team reporting their injuries and pretending to be hurt. Their faces couldn't help twitching. They really didn't expect the eighth team to be shameless like now!


"Mr. Liu, I think we should take this incident seriously!" Seeing his soldiers report injuries to him one by one, Li Changfeng presented his idea firmly for he thought he had a big say now.


"I'm suspicious this is not a common internal contradiction. This has threatened the overall unity in the military camp! Maybe there is someone planning to split off our reserves! It's a taboo in the military camp! So we must investigate the incident strictly!"


Li Changfeng stood before Liu Wuneng and blocked Liu Wuneng's way, seeming extremely overbearing. His meaning was utterly obvious. If Liu Wuneng couldn't deal with the incident well, Li Changfeng would not let him go. After all, all people of his team had suffered "serious injuries".


"Hum…" This incident was actually severe so Liu Wuneng had to nod his head, "But we'd better begin serious investigation after we get back to the military camp. Your people seem to be hurt heavily. Get back as soon as possible for recovery."


"Okay. Now that Mr. Liu gives me a promise, everything will be fine." Li Changfeng nodded his head and waved his hand to his team. Immediately, the 23 people held each other up by hands and went back to the military camp.



The result of handling for the incident was very simple. Although the incident seemed serious, there was no one to be disabled or die. Therefore, all participants would receive a punishment of being deducted month soldier's pay, except Li Changfeng's team. Though the eighth team pretended they had suffered heavy injuries, under so many people's attention, Liu Wuneng gave up punishing the eighth team at most. Liu Wuneng also offered some medical fees to the team, but Li Changfeng stored them away by himself.


After the incident, Li Changfeng was successful to acquire the right of guarding the four entrances of White Tiger City. He stopped requiring Liu Wuneng to deal with the incident. In fact, he was clear that if he persisted in investigation, Kui Xiong would lose his leader position. But this was not his real purpose. He didn't hate Kui Xiong; he just disliked Kui Xiong.


The fight was not due to intolerance. Li Changfeng deeply knew that if he wanted to be respected in his team, it would be useless only based on oppression. Only by conquering them in heart, could he receive their real respects. If he didn't take them to carry out a battle, he couldn't be recognized by them in their hearts. By displaying his hot-blooded aspect, he could be accepted by the eighth team actually. By the way, the group scuffle had an advantage - the team spirit could be improved. For men, fight was a good way to enhance the affection.

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