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"Clang! Clang! Clang!"


Quickly, hundreds of people popped up at the west entrance. Liu Wuneng rode on a horse and ran in front of people. Behind him were two guards, who ran wildly all the way and knocked the gong.


"Stop! Stop! What are you doing?" Liu Wuneng ceased before people; he sat on the horse and pointed to the people in rage, letting out roaring.


As the hundreds of men surrounded the third team and eighth team, the mess was controlled gradually. Sounds of groan and curse echoed.


"What team you belong to? Where is your leader? Get out now!" Liu Wuneng darkened his face and saw people standing in two areas. About 20 men gathered in one area; it must be Li Changfeng's team. On the other area stayed about 100 men; the team leader Kui Xiong stood out, his eyes becoming black, his face getting swollen and the helmet on his head missing.


"Are you Kui Xiong?" Liu Wuneng thought for a while. Kui Xiong's current appearance was so different from common days that he was not sure the man's identity.


"Mr. Liu, it's me." Kui Xiong lowered his head. When he spoke, the wind seemed to blow into his mouth.


"Good! You're so good! You're so powerful! Why do show your strength at ordinary times? How about you? Where is your leader?" Liu Wuneng glared at Kui Xiong and then fixed his eyes on Li Changfeng's team.


"Em? Where is our leader?"


"He was here just now."




Under Liu Wuneng's sights, the soldiers of the eighth team looked at each other in puzzlement. They got amazed for they didn't find Li Changfeng. In the end, they gazed at the third team.


"What!" Liu Wuneng fell into astonishment when he observed the eighth team's sights. What the hell! Li Changfeng couldn't suffer an accident at this time! It was no doubt that he planned to kill Li Changfeng and third madam forced him to do it all the time, but he had made a complete arrangement earlier. If Li Changfeng lost his life here, third madam's requirement could be met. However, first madam couldn't forgive him. Even if first madam didn't call to his accountability, after Li Changfeng's father - Frontier General returned to White Tiger City, he would be also punished!


"Look! Look! Who steps on Childe Fourth? Hurry up!" Liu Wuneng's hair nearly stood up due to anxiety. But all people of Kui Xiong's team were bewildered. They raised their heads to see Liu Wuneng and then lowered heads to glance at the ground, getting into silence.


"Asshole!" Liu Wuneng exclaimed, "Break up now!" Jumping from the horse, Liu Wuneng directly rushed into the crowds.




Staring at the empty site, Liu Wuneng got dumbfounded in a sudden. What had happened? He clearly remembered the report, saying that Li Changfeng let the eighth team to fight with Kui Xiong's third team at the west entrance of the city. But where was Li Changfeng?

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