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Guiding by Li Changfeng, the eighth team arrived at the west entrance without stop. Here was boisterous. More than 100 men, who wore helmets and armors, blocked the west entrance. Li Changfeng couldn't find out a member of the eighth team from the crowds. It seemed that they were beated up.


"What the fuck! Go!" Li Changfeng waved his hand and took the lead in rushing into the crowds.


Noticing Li Changfeng's action, the 11 men didn't hesitate at all, hurrying towards. They were extremely excited like they taking uppers.


Li Changfeng behaved like a whirlwind among people; the third team members were thrown off their feet. Each one who met Li Changfeng would be thrown out or be beaten to lose fighting strength quickly.


Li Changfeng's outstanding performance caught people's eyes fast.


Li Changfeng?


All people who saw Li Changfeng became pleased and fevered. As men having no strong background, they disliked Li Changfeng for he had joined the reserves and been nominated as the leader on the basis of his background. But due to his background, nobody dared to provoke him. This was a good chance! In this chaotic condition, Li Changfeng couldn't know who attacked him. Therefore, they could launch a raid to him without worries.


Nearly all people considered in this way, so they slowly flocked to Li Changfeng.


A cold smile appeared on Li Changfeng's face when he observed the phenomenon. Gazing at the closer encirclement, Li Changfeng suddenly seized a man and lifted him up. By grabbing the man's legs, Li Changfeng swung the man at the crowds. The encirclement was enlarged in a wink.


Throwing out the man, Li Changfeng stepped on people's shoulders directly and jumped up.


This couldn't go on! Li Changfeng felt the terrible trend. He couldn't be fully stretched because they were all at the military camp. After all, they had no deep-seated hatred and they just took their annoyance out on each other. But if he didn't behave violently, the third team would again rush to him.


When in the air, Li Changfeng glanced over his shoulder and saw Kui Xiong standing behind the crowds and looking at him with scorn.


"What the fuck!" Li Changfeng gave a disdainful glimpse to Kui Xiong. When he noticed one of his team soldiers, he jumped down and helped the man out of the predicament.


"Stop!" Li Changfeng pulled the man back.


"Em?" The man got confused for Li Changfeng's action. If he stopped, he would be beaten up by the third team at once.


"Follow my order!" Li Changfeng lifted his leg and kicked out a man who got close to them, "Kui Xiong hides himself behind the crowds. I can't fight against him head-on. If I let you out, can you triumph over him?"


"Kui Xiong?" The man's eyes sparkled, "No problem! Before he became a leader, I beat him up every day!"


"Fine!" Li Changfeng got satisfied and created a way for the man by using his hands.


Seeing the man running to Kui Xiong in pleasure, Li Changfeng got overjoyed.


After the man succeeded in getting rid of the crowds, Li Changfeng turned round and careered into the crowds again.

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