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"Li Changfeng, what do you mean? Do you know my team is on duty in the city today? Why does your team take a hand in our matters? My team and your team are going to fight now! Where is your discipline?"


"What?" Li Changfeng raised his head innocently, "Ah, I tell them to help you! How can they fight? They really ignore the discipline! I'll punish them after they get back! Leader Kui, you're your temper!"


"Heh heh…"


"Ha ha…"




Hearing Li Changfeng's words, the 11 men couldn't help laughing. Their sounds surrounded Kui Xiong immediately.


Kui Xiong changed his expression when he saw the response. He instantly recognized that Li Changfeng was very offhand with him. The 12 men followed Li Changfeng's order!


"Help? Fine! Leader Li! Are you bullying the third team? Fine! Wait and see!" Kui Xiong threw out an angry glance to Li Changfeng in the end and left in rage.


"Fuck you guys! Are you uncomfortable without creating trouble?" Li Changfeng got into the team and kicked every one.


"Stand up! It seems we need to go out!" Noticing Kui Xiong leaving the camp, Li Changfeng predicted there would be a trouble. All were hot-blooded men, impossible to bear provocation. Kui Xiong might do something terrible.


"Where? Leader, it's time to have a lunch." The 11 men stood up one by one in displeasure.


"Of course to help our team! They are your partners. Can you stand by and see them being beaten?" Li Changfeng cast an annoyed glimpse on the 11 men.


"We can avoid seeing that if we stay here…"


Li Changfeng darkened his face, "Who did say that? You'd better prepare for going out alone in the afternoon!"




"Okay. Let's go! If Kui Xiong dares to stir up trouble, we must give him a heavy lesson!"


"…" The 11 men looked at each other, and a common thought hit them - who first made a trouble? What was their leader thinking?


Li Changfeng waved his hand and led the 11 men to go out. These soldiers didn't recognize they were conquered by Li Changfeng in their subconsciousness, not only because of the expelling threat but also the respect to Li Changfeng.



"Leader! We have suffered trouble!" Before Li Changfeng and the 11 men came in White Tiger City, a man flurried to them.


"What's wrong? Are you fighting?" Frowned Li Changfeng. Kui Xiong reached there too fast and the man was more decisive than he thought.


"Yeah! We're fighting!" The man nodded at once, but he didn't seem panic-stricken at all, "Damn Kui Xiong! He has brought his whole team here and deported us from the south entrance to the west entrance."


"Deport?" Li Changfeng got sulky, "Did you resign yourselves to adversity and give up resistance?"


"No! Of course we didn't!" The man shook his head immediately, "At first, we only had three men, but they had about 100 men, how can we defeat them? So we 12 men gathered together and then began battling."


"Fuck Kui Xiong!" Hearing the information, Li Changfeng got worried, "Hurry up! Go yo support our men!"

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