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This day, Li Changfeng arrived in the military camp early in the morning. Among indolent reserves, only the eighth team gathered together. Li Changfeng raged against the 23 team members.


In fact, all of them knew many elves were missing in White Tiger City, but they didn't tell him. Li Changfeng got furious for that. If he heard the incident before, he could solve it on the yesterday's afternoon. If he arrested one of the two men, he believed that he would hunt out the fact according to clues. But the two men had been set free! Where could he find them out? They must hide themselves.


"Two groups are needed in today's training!" After the rebuke, Li Changfeng arranged the training mission for the team.


"You 12 guys are a group." Li Changfeng waved his hand, "Your group is divided into 4 squads, three persons a squad. Go to guard the 4 entrances of the city! Check all passengers and their luggage! Don't neglect any corner! If you meet trouble, get back to inform me at once. Remember! Don't let any suspicious character go! Start off now!"


Hearing Li Changfeng's order, the 12 men looked at each other, not moving.


"What's the matter?" Li Changfeng got a little angry. He knew these men couldn't obey to him completely in a short time, but their attitudes were too passive.


"Leader." One of the 12 men raised his hand, "Today is the third team on duty. If we step in their matters, we may clash with them. How should we do at that time?"


"Oh? What's wrong with the dispute?" Li Changfeng inclined his head, "Are you cowards? You can quarrel with them! You can also fight against them! I will bear the duty. Don't worry. Go!"


"Yes!" Receiving Li Changfeng's reply, the 12 men answered orderly. Quietness overwhelmed the whole military camp in a sudden.


Li Changfeng nodded with satisfaction. As a team leader, he was clear that he needed to support his team members. After the 12 men disappeared from his sights, he turned to the rest people.


"Hey! You guys, follow me. I'm gonna teach you to launch a faster and stronger assault."


Noticing the malicious smile on Li Changfeng's face, the rest trembled at the same time.



On the training site, Li Changfeng sat under the sunshine, while the 11 soldiers lay on the ground like exhausted dogs. How cruel Li Changfeng's training ways were! All attacks, utterly strange, targeted human's vital organs.


However, Li Changfeng stated that this training was for their acquired reflex. When the consciousness of protecting vital organs was engraved in their heads, they could protect themselves in advance before their opponents carried out a raid. At that time, they would pass the training.


"Li Changfeng!"


"Leader Kui Xiong? What's wrong?" Li Changfeng raised his head, gave a glimpse to Kui Xiong and then lowered his head again. It seemed that he didn't care Kui Xiong at all. His 11 soldiers also cast a glance on Kui Xiong and then turned back. They even didn't greet Kui Xiong.


Calling Kui Xiong "Leader" was just for courtesy. Each one of them could be on a par with Kui Xiong in strength. If selecting the leader was based on mere strength, it would be impossible for Kui Xiong to be leader. But he was obedient. He has been selected as the leader due to his good strength and obedience.


"What's wrong? Don't pretend!" Kui Xiong rushed to Li Changfeng in rage, he trying to hold back his impulse of kicking Li Changfeng.

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