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"Em. I'm a little confused." Sai Ya nodded slightly, "Do you know?" Staring at Li Changfeng, she suddenly wanted to chat with him.


"When I was a child, I had to leave home. From then on, I have continued an unsettled life. I don't remember how many nights, I'm longing for a stable life. I just want to stay at a place for a long time. Maybe you can't understand the wandering feeling. It's like a kite with a broken string. You don't know where you will go and when you can stop. And you will get the wind up."


"Yeah. We always strive for stability. Why do you leave your home?" Li Changfeng fished out his dagger and used it to trim his fingernails.


"Heh. I have no choice." Sai Ya shook her head, "My hometown was invaded by orc when I was a kid. My parents died in the battle. At that time, I and other elves, at the same age with me, were captured by orc. They required us to study dancing for pleasing them. However, when I became older, they wanted to have physical affair with me. But luckily, I escaped. From then on, I began hitting the road."


Saying that, Sai Ya smiled, seeming to be satisfied with her fate.


"What happened later?" Li Changfeng got interested, put away his dagger and listened to Sai Ya seriously.


"Later…" Sai Ya raised her head for looking back and slowly spoke out her life experience.


After getting rid of orc, Sai Ya had come to the border of human beings. But she had been arrested by human soldiers at the border based on the excuse of illegal entry and then been sold to a slave trader. The trader had delivered her to a big family in Fengyong Town. When she had confronted the danger of being raped, another miserable elf in the family had saved her. Later, she had gotten away from the town.


From then on, for four years, Sai Ya had continued vagrancy. She continuously changed living places in human beings' towns and villages. One day, she had arrived in White Tiger City. She had been seriously ill because of her extremely weak body. When she had woken up, she had found a kindheartedly human granny had saved her. The old lady had adopted her. Later, she had obtained the right of habitation in White Tiger City.


Li Changfeng gently patted Sai Ya when observing her red eyes and tears, "Stay here. You're too tired. Believe me. I'm clear about the thing you worry about. Soon, I will give you a satisfying answer."


"Sure?" Sai Ya got a little absent-minded when she saw Li Changfeng's confident expression.


"Yeah. Don't forget! I'm a leader of the military reserves in White Tiger City now. Do not worry. I will make a thorough investigation of the incident."




"Stop! Believe me! You stay here, just as a partner of Xiaodie." Li Changfeng interrupted Sai Ya's words when noticing her hesitating sights.




"Fine. That's settled then. Go back for sleeping." Li Changfeng didn't give Sai Ya a chance to refuse him; he held her up and pushed her to the room.


"Thank you! Really! I'm relieved after talks with you. Please keep secret. I don't want others to know my past." Standing at the door, Sai Ya let out an enchanting smile to Li Changfeng and then lightly closed the door.


Li Changfeng trembled for chill. Did she know she was attractive? Thinking of Sai Ya's smile, he shook his head and went back to his room.

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