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"Childe, childe, what's wrong?"


Hearing Xiaodie's sound, Li Changfeng found his thought and saw the two women gazing at him in puzzlement. He put down the chopsticks, which were broken by him unintentionally.


"I'm regretted! If I didn't start off leniently in this afternoon, I would capture the two men!" Li Changfeng clenched his fists due to anger; he even wanted to slap himself. When he had been on the Earth, he had joined the mission to rescue trafficked people. Those people had suffered extremely miserable experiences, especially women. The scene was so horrible that he could hardly bear to look at it. This was why he hated trafficking.


He should have recognized the two men were traffickers earlier! They were not young and had no reason to follow Sai Ya.


"Er…" Xiaodie and Sai Ya looked at each other. They didn't understand why Li Changfeng had talked about the matter in this afternoon.


"Childe, I have a question. What cultivation level are you at?" Taking this chance, Xiaodie spoke out her doubt.


"I have reached the third heaven." Feeling little energy in his lower abdomen, Li Changfeng replied without reservation.


Xiaodie opened her eyes wide and slightly opened her mouth, like seeing a ghost. The steamed bun even dropped down.


Impossible! Her head was filled up with this word.


"What's the matter?" Noticing Xiaodie's stupefied expression, Li Changfeng pinched her nose gently.


"Childe, when? Why don't you tell me?" After finding her mind, Xiaodie grabbed Li Changfeng's arm with excitement. He had been at the second heaven several days ago! But he had reached the third heaven now! Amazing cultivation speed!


"The night of the day before yesterday. You fell asleep at that time." Li Changfeng touched Xiaodie's head and pulled his arm out. He couldn't forget the experience on the day before yesterday, which had been more painful than his first strengthening. He had almost died! After the strengthening had ended, he had fainted directly. When he had woken up, the day had been bright. In fact, Li Changfeng was not sure whether he could bear the strengthening.


"Strange! Childe, if you are at the third heaven, why don't you release your strength outside?" Xiiaodie got confused when she remembered that Li Changfeng didn't use strength in the battle. Actually, in order to intensify his body at the perfect realm of the second heaven, Li Changfeng used up his energy.


"Heh. The two men are not worthy of enjoying my strength. I can kill them just by fists." Li Changfeng waved his fists with complacent. He didn't explain too much. He was confident with his physical body, which was continuously improved by strengthening. Even if his opponent wore a suit of armor, he dared to fight hand-to-hand.


"Hum!" Sai Ya rolled her eyes to Li Changfeng, "One of the two men reaches the fourth heaven. Human can study fight skills at this level. How do you battle with him?"


"Fight skills?" Li Changfeng slightly nodded; no wonder the man could jump so high. Meeting Sai Ya's dismissive sights, he smiled, "Sai Ya, you should know before the absolute power, any skill is in vain. If I can get close to him, I can beat him up. By the way, I had many partners at that time!"


Sai Ya curled her lip when she observed Li Changfeng's arrogance, "I most dislike guys like you. Why did you tease the two men without any reason? They didn't offend you."


"No reason?" Li Changfeng let out a disdainful smile. If he told Sai Ya the real reason, could she keep her current attitude? Maybe she would want to kill them directly.

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