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"Many?" Li Changfeng felt the accident uncommon.


"Yes. More than 10 elves have been missing in White Tiger City in the two days. Haven't you heard that?" Sai Ya peered at Li Changfeng and Xiaodie without any surprise, seeming like she already imagining the result.


"No." Li Changfeng slightly shook his head.


"What?" Xiaodie covered her mouth in astonishment, "If there are many elves missing, the city will be in state of siege. Do you report the accident to government?"


"Of course we did!" Sai Ya let out a bitter smile, "But it's useless. We're elves, not human beings. It's impossible for elf to enjoy the same treatment as human!" Through her harsh words and helpless sights, orc recognized that Sai Ya had a hard life.


"Alas!" Xiaodie also sighed, "Compared with the treatment to orc, elf's treatment is not very terrible."


"Stop these useless topics! How the accident to be handled?" Li Changfeng broke in the talks when he noticed Xiaodie and Sai Ya got depressed.


"Do you think the government will try to help us?" Sai Ya gave a sad glance to the dark outside, "They slighted over us and told us they have strengthened the patrol in the evening. They also said there was no suspicious condition and those missing elves actively chose to leave the city."


"Their words are reasonable." Li Changfeng nodded, "Maybe the elves go to another city together after discussion."


"Impossible!" Sai Ya rolled her eyes to Li Changfeng, "Elf is not like orc. We have no migration habit. By the way, it's difficult to obtain identification in the human city. Going to another city means everything will back to square one. We're not foolish!"


"Who knows?" Li Changfeng whispered.


"You!" Sai Ya got angry and even wanted to throw the chopsticks in her hands to Li Changfeng.


"Ah! Okay! Okay! " Xiaodie pulled Li Changfeng's clothes, "Sai Ya, it seems that elf really meets a trouble. Do other races suffer the same accident?"


"No. Only elf." Sai Ya shook her head with certainty.


"Em, are elves wealthy?" Li Changfeng also became serious.


"No. Elf lives like human beings. Our life is common. Three years passed, I still have no deposit!" Throwing a glimpse to the flat wallet, Sai Ya pouted.


"You have no money, so why are those elves missing?" Li Changfeng rubbed his chin.


"Although they have no money, they are valuable." Xiaodie drank the soup and replied.


The speaker made the remark unintentionally, but the listener took it to his heart. Xiaodie's words enlightened Li Changfeng in a sudden. He always neglected a fact in this world - slave and human trafficking. He remembered that Sai Ya had been hurt last time for helping an elf who would be auctioned. But he nearly forgot the matter. The elves in White Tiger City owned identification, but they had no identification in other cities. No one would know their identification if they were defined as slave. The two men in the afternoon were likely to be elf trafficker.

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