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"By the way, where is your rabbit?" Sai Ya changed the topic.


"Oh, my rabbit? Sai Ya, do you know that? My rabbit is a supernatural animal!" Mentioning the rabbit, Xiaodie's interest was ignited.


"Supernatural animal?" Sai Ya frowned with Xiaodie's words. That rabbit was a common rabbit, not a supernatural animal.


"Em…I'm stuffed. I go first. You continue." With the embarrassment hitting Li Changfeng, he gave a glance to high-spirited Xiaodie and confused Sai Ya, picked up a steamed bun and then ran out fast.



It was so late at night. Sai Ya cast a glimpse on Xiaodie, who fell asleep beside her, and slightly got up. She stayed awake when thinking of leaving. After all, she had lived in White Tiger City for three years. It was hard to say goodbye to her familiar life and work. But a kind of danger constantly overwhelmed her and forced her to leave the city soon.


Sai Ya gently opened the door, walked into the yard and looked at the white moon. A strange feeling struck her in a sudden. It was difficult for her to regain the belonging sense in White Tiger City, but she would get away here tomorrow. When could her vagrancy be ended?


"Em?" When Sai Ya walked to the center of the yard, she saw at a corner, Li Changfeng standing before a tree and lowering his head. He seemed to think something.


Why did he go to bed? Did he worry about something?


Sai Ya got puzzled. In her eyes, Li Changfeng was a free man; he would do whatever came to his mind. Although he was a childe, he didn't show off his wealth. Therefore, he was a nice person with warm-hearted personality. He should live without sorrow and anxiety.


Considering this, Sai Ya got close to Li Changfeng, "It's late now. Why not go to sleep? What are you thinking?"


"Em?" Li Changfeng trembled for surprise, "Nothing…Nothing…Why don't you sleep?"

Hearing the loud water sound, Sai Ya suddenly understood what Li Changfeng was doing. Her face became red at once. There was a toilet! Why he…She covered her ears and ran away without a word.


As Li Changfeng turned his head to Sai Ya and saw her leaving, he let out a sigh of relief. It was too embarrassed! After a quivering, he wore pants and got back to his room. When noticing Sai Ya quietly sitting in the yard, he hesitated for a while and took clothes out.


"It's cold in the evening. Don't catch a chill." Li Changfeng put the clothes on Sai Ya and sat down beside her.


"Thanks." Sai Ya threw out a glance to Li Changfeng, the red color still staying on her face.


"What do you worry about?" According to Sai Ya's blue expression, Li Changfeng guessed that she was at a loss for the departure. It was easy to leave the city, just demanding several steps. But how about the future? Where could she go? Any place could be a destination. But the place was not the destination for heart.

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