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The whole thing had begun in a sudden and concluded in confusion. Except Li Changfeng, nobody knew why he had found faults with the two men. Even Xiaodie, the people who was most familiar with Li Changfeng, also didn't know the reason. It was seemed like an episode for Li Changfeng to display his startling powerful body.


"Sai Ya, you mean you plan to leave here because you feel dangerous?"


In the General's Residence, Li Changfeng, Sai Ya and Xiaodie sat together for having a dinner. The two women neglected the brawl on the street just now. Now that Li Changfeng didn't want to say the thing, they would not ask; the three people just chatted with each other.


"Yeah! I'm sorry I cheated you at first. I choose to leave here not because of loneness, but because I have been nervous in the two days. It seems that something dangerous will happen. This is why I'm gonna leave." Sai Ya nodded her head to stress the words, seeming like she having predicted what would happen.


"Poof…" Noticing Sai Ya's serious expression, Li Changfeng couldn't help laughing. The reason was too absurd! How sensitive Sai Ya was! Just feeling the danger so she planned to leave the city?


"Stop laughing! I'm serious!" Sai Ya threw out an annoyed glimpse to Li Changfeng when she noticed Li Changfeng's expression.


"Heh, I know, I know! You're serious! Does your Nature Goddess tell you what will happen in your dreams? Ha ha…"


"Childe!" While Li Changfeng was smiling, Xiaodie patted him, "Childe, don't make fun of Nature Goddess. She is holy and inviolable for elf!"


"Em…" Li Changfeng couldn't help trembling when he saw Sai Ya glared at him, "Hey, Sai Ya, don't misunderstand me. I'm also a follower of Nature Goddess! I don't profane her!" After saying these words, Li Changfeng closed his eyes, crossed his arms before the chest and moved arms from top to bottom.


Li Changfeng learnt the action in secret from Sai Ya. This was a gesture only for thanking Nature Goddess. Of course, his action was not normative.


"Hum!" Sai Ya snorted, "Don't consider I knowing nothing about your thoughts. In fact, my feeling is not without foundation. You should know I'm not a timid elf. I really feel the danger!"


"Oh? Tell me." Sai Ya's words ignited Li Changfeng's interest. He wondered what danger could frighten Sai Ya to select departure. Was the outside world safer than White Tiger City? It was impossible!


"Okay!" Sai Ya took a deep breath and continued, "Have you heard that many elves were missing recently in White Tiger City? They disappeared without any sign or reason!"

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