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"Em? What's the matter with you?" Li Changfeng got puzzled for he found that the eight men didn't follow his gesture to rush to the two men; they just stood without any movement.


"Leader, fight is prohibited in the city." The man, who had been beaten by Li Changfeng, cast a helpless glance on Li Changfeng and replied in a low voice.


"Are you sure?" Li Changfeng fell into a daze for a second, "I haven't heard that!"


"Yes! People who battle in the city will be put into prison if being arrested." The eight men nodded simultaneously.


"All right…" Li Changfeng pinched his chin as if absorbed in thought, "I'm gonna say one, two, three. You will leave the team tomorrow if you don't beat them up!"






"Er…Does leader scare us?" The eight men looked at each other.




"No?" The eight men got more hesitated.


"Three!" Li Changfeng narrowed his eyes and stretched out the third finger.


"What the fuck! The two men seem bad! Let's go!"


When Li Changfeng's eyes were fixed on them, the eight men suddenly felt cold. They said nothing, just raising their heads and running to the two men. It would be more troublesome if they were expelled from the team.


Dignified expression emerged on the two men's faces when the eight men got close to them. Actually, when the eight men had walked out of the crowds, an ominous presentiment struck them. After hearing the eight men call Li Changfeng "leader", they were immediately clear about the object of mass brawl.


Mere according to the eight men's muscular bodies, the two men knew the eight men must be strong and difficult to deal with. If they got entangled with the eight men, they would suffer huge troubles. Based on the age, they were stronger than the eight men in strength and could have an advantage in the combat, but this was built on the premise that the fight would be carried out one to one. If the eight men challenged them together, they would have no probability of victory. If they were constrained in the fight, they would have no chance to take flight.


"Go!" When the distance between the eight men and the two men became shorter and shorter, one patted the other, grabbed him and turned around, rushing to the crowds.


"Fuck!" Seeing the two men jump up and fly on the air, Li Changfeng got dumbfounded. But he responded at once; he ran to tauren's booth and picked up two carrots, throwing to the two men.


"Pia! Pia!" Although the two men were far away Li Changfeng, the loud clash reached in his ears clearly.


The two men shook, dropped down and vanished in the crowds, which made Li Changfeng regret. If the two carrots were two grenades, the two men would suffer fatal injuries!


"Leader, they are at the high level of third heaven at least, and one reaches fourth heaven. We can't catch up with them." The eight men returned with innocence. In fact, they didn't consider the escape of the two men as a bad thing, for they didn't need to fight in the city.


"You held time up!" Li Changfeng gazed at the eight men in disappointment. Mass brawl was not aboveboard in fact, if adding raids, the two men couldn't flee and they would be beaten up. However, the eight men didn't understand his gestures. He had no way to command them. According to this matter, he thought it was necessary to teach them to comprehend gestures, because gestures were exceedingly important in a war.

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