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"Bro, we will take an action if you continue!" The man lowered his voice, anger appearing on his face. Li Changfeng's shouts attracted more and more spectators. Many people even began blaming them. They had done secret works, but now they were exposed in the public.


"Take an action?" Seeming like hearing a joke, Li Changfeng picked up a big carrot from the tauren's booth and pointed to the man, "Do you want to fight? Come on!"


"Pia!" All people thought that Li Changfeng would attack the man who was in talks if he launched a raid. However, Li Changfeng waved the big carrot and slapped the other man. Immediately, the fresh carrot was smashed.


The man wiped the carrot residue on his face and froze his eyes. Li Changfeng instantly knew that the man must have killed many people because of the man's indifferent sights.


"Bad!" Xiaodie got startled and was ready to help Li Changfeng, but Sai Ya stopped her in a sudden.


"Wait!" Sai Ya slightly shook her head to impatient Xiaodie. Now that Li Changfeng didn't want them to go, he must have his own plan. Namely, he was not stupid, so he must know something they didn't know.


"But…" Xiaodie struggled when she saw surrounding spectators gradually dispersing to offer a site to Li Changfeng and the two men. Although Li Changfeng indicated that he didn't need them to help him through his gesture, she was still worried about the upcoming fight.


"Take it easy. Believe him!" Sai Ya smiled to nervous Xiaodie, which made Xiaodie slowly calm down.


Sai Ya was clear that because Xiaodie was staying with Li Changfeng all the time, she might neglect Li Changfeng's strength. In Xiaodie's opinion, Li Changfeng was a childe, needing her care. But from her perspective, Li Changfeng was really strong! In his thin body hid powerful strength! Although she had battled with him when she had been injured last time, she still respected him.


Elf was famous for flexible movement. However, she had felt she was useless before Li Changfeng. He not only could guess out her actions, but also could set up a trap for her. He was remarkably familiar with combats. She would not believe there was such a fighting genius in human beings if she didn't meet Li Changfeng.


Encouraged by Sai Ya, Xiaodie took a deep breath and decided to believe Li Changfeng. In fact, she had noticed his big change in these days. Since his meridians had recovered, he changed every day. His changes could be found through his morning exercises. Although he did same exercises every day, his aggressive feeling became increasingly intense.

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