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"Sir, please have a look! My carrot is very fresh!" Accompanied by Xiaodie and Sai Ya's confused sights, Li Changfeng walked to the vegetable booth - its vendor was a tauren.


"How much is your carrot?" Li Changfeng pretended to buy the carrot, but he observed the two men beside him in secret.


"Sir, it's cheap! If you want, 0.5kg only needs a silver coin!"


"Silver coin?" Li Changfeng got surprised. After he had come to this world, he had ever used only gold coin and never seen the silver coin.


"Sir, I can't lower the price. It's really cheap!" The tauren misunderstood Li Changfeng's surprise and explained at once.


"Yeah! It's cheap." Noticing the two men ready to leave, Li Changfeng nodded and extended one leg to the place under the crotch of one of them on the sly.


"How many carrots do you want?" The tauren showed his pleasure. However, before the transaction was done, an accident occurred.


"Ouch…" Li Changfeng screamed and jumped with holding his leg, like a one-leg frog.


Xiaodie and Sai Ya stood stiffly because of amazement. They fixed their eyes on Li Changfeng all the time after he had gotten close to the vegetable booth, for they thought Li Changfeng didn't want to eat carrots. Xiaodie was clear about Li Changfeng's dietary habit; he didn't like carrots at all. Therefore, Li Changfeng's strange behavior attracted their attention.


They had witnessed the whole matter, so they knew the man didn't step on Li Changfeng's foot; the man had just touched Li Changfeng when turning around. Li Changfeng's exaggerated performance really embarrassed them.


"Sorry, are you okay?" Li Changfeng's shout drew some people's attention, so that the man couldn't leave directly. But he was extremely depressed. He had just touched Li Changfeng! Why did he have such a strong response?


"My leg is broken!" Li Changfeng flushed.



Xiaodie and Sai Ya looked at each other and then lowered their heads due to shame. What happened to Li Changfeng? Why he did that?


"Er…" The man's face couldn't help twitching. Damn it! Blackmail?


"Bro, don't ask for trouble. We have something to do. No time to stay here and appreciate your performance." The other man judged out that Li Changfeng's action was unveracious. If his led was really broken, he couldn't jump with high spirit. It was obvious that Li Changfeng lied to them.


"What do you mean?" Li Changfeng frowned and unwillingly loosened his leg.


"Heh, what do I mean?" The man sneered, "Bro, the question should be asked by me! What you mean? We are strangers to each other. Why do you put us in an awkward situation?"


"What? How dare you curse me? Do you think I'm weak and easily bullied?"




All spectators around them got puzzled, for they felt them hearing nothing. But when they noticed Li Changfeng's angry expression, they considered that the man might curse in a very low voice.


"What is he doing?" Sai Ya slightly frowned. Elf excelled at hearing than most people, but she had heard nothing. Furthermore, from the beginning, it seemed that Li Changfeng made trouble out of nothing. He was not like that at ordinary times, so Sai Ya fell into confusion.


"I don't know. But childe did a gesture just now. He lets us stay here." Xiaodie was also perplexed. She even got a little anxious, for it seemed that there would be a battle between Li Changfeng and the two men.

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