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When Sai Ya and Xiaodie planned to wait, Li Changfeng fought against one of the two men.


The man, who had been slapped by the carrot, was the first to launch a raid. With the green Azure Dragon strength covering his fists, he seemed very powerful; nobody could easily bear his attack head-on.


Except Li Changfeng…Completely different from the battle with Sai Ya, Li Changfeng didn't use any technique; he just hit with the man directly. The clash not only shocked Li Changfeng's rivals, but also surprised Sai Ya and Xiaodie.


They couldn't believe their eyes!


If it was just physical body crash, they would not get startled and at most be amazed by his physical power. However, the man's assaults were supported by the Azure Dragon strength, which would have an utterly different effect.


Everyone owned its unique strength. When the outer strength intruded into a person's body, the person would suffer more serious injuries than his physical body being hurt. All people knew that the only method to defuse the other person's strength was by using of a person's own strength. But Li Changfeng didn't release his strength; he merely parried the strength with his physical body. How could he resolve the invasion of outer strength? By the way, Li Changfeng seemed passionate during the fight.


Noticing the increasingly serious expression of the man, Li Changfeng smiled lightly. When the man punched him again, he pretended to lift his fists to withstand.


The clash sound didn't resound as expectation. Li Changfeng seemed to judge wrong, so that his fist slipped along the inner side of the man's arm. Thanks to his relatively short height, Li Changfeng moved his neck, and then the man's fist passed by under Li Changfeng's ears.


Only in a wink, before the man responded, Li Changfeng stood up straight. The man's fist lay on Li Changfeng's shoulder. Immediately,Li Changfeng extended his hands and grabbed the man's arm.


Meeting the man's scary sights, Li Changfeng laughed lightly and pressed his hands down on the man's arm with strong power.


Suddenly, the other man, who had observed from the sidelines, couldn't bear any more and rushed to Li Changfeng.


The leg, causing sound of the wind, attacked Li Changfeng's lower abdomen quickly.


If Li Changfeng didn't give up breaking off the first man's arm, he would suffer the leg assault and his lower abdomen would be hurt. Without any hesitance, Li Changfeng retreated instantly, for he didn't want to fight like Kilkenny cats.


"Shameful! Two tease one! Are you real men?" Li Changfeng gazed at the two men with arms akimbo, like a ruffian.


"Bro, I remember we don't offend you! Why you find fault with us?" The second man's homicidal intent disappeared. As a spectator, when he saw Li Changfeng could squat, avoid fists, stand up and beat back in an extremely short time, he recognized that Li Changfeng was formidable, not only in power and physical body, but also in combat consciousness. Li Changfeng's head-on counterattacks were prepared for relaxing rival's vigilance and giving his rival a strong raid. Why could Li Changfeng set up traps in the battle? It was terrifying!

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