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"Fine. But it's still unsafe in the evening." Li Changfeng touched his nose. He had planned to persuade Sai Ya to stay at first, but she refused obviously. He couldn't find any excuse.


"That's OK. It's getting late. I should go on my journey. Good bye!" Observing Li Changfeng's hesitant expression, Sai Ya let out a gentle smile, waved her hand and then left.


"Alas! How can we find an obedient pet in the future?" Xiaodie gazed at Sai Ya's back and sighed.


"Strange!" Li Changfeng's word attracted Xiaodie.


"Childe, what happened?" Xiaodie peered at Li Changfeng, who closed his eyes, with one hand on chest, the other under his chin. He seemed to think of something.


"Do you feel strange about the two that passed by just now? Especially their eye contacts and whereabouts." Li Changfeng opened his eyes and stared at Xiaodie.


"Who?" Xiaodie winked her big eyes, looking at Li Changfeng with confusion.


"Nothing. Today, we can't let Sai Ya go!" Confronting Xiaodie's naive eyes, Li Changfeng thought a moment and grabbed her to chase Sai Ya.


Luckily, Sai Ya didn't go so far, so Li Changfeng and Xiaodie caught up with her quickly. When they went past the two, who pretended to buy goods, Li Changfeng lightly raised the corner of his mouth.


"Sai Ya." Li Changfeng stopped her.


"What's the matter?" Sai Ya ceased her steps.


"Nothing…All right! Xiaodie wants to have a meal with you." Li Changfeng turned around and pulled Xiaodie to stand before him, "We're friends, but you have never visited our home. Xiaodie said it's really a pity if we let you go. We don't know what time we will meet again, so please stay one more day!"


After saying that, Li Changfeng slightly pressed down his hands on Xiaodie's shoulder.


"Ah. Yeah!" Xiaodie understood Li Changfeng immediately. Although she didn't know the reason, she still cooperated, "We're friends, Sai Ya. After you leave here, we don't know when we will meet again. So, have a dinner with us! Just like a farewell!"


"Em…" Noticing Xiaodie's earnest eyes and Li Changfeng's nod, Sai Ya considered for a while and felt their words reasonable, "Okay. I'm gonna leave tomorrow."


"That's right!" Li Changfeng grinned and threw out a glimpse to the two strange men, a trace of contempt popping up in his eyes.


"Wait a moment! I'm gonna buy something." Li Changfeng really wanted to sneer at the two men, who stood before a green vegetable booth. They were even bad at basic disguise. How dared they tail after others?


Li Changfeng discovered their unusual performance when he had been in talks with Sai Ya. He had experienced professional reconnaissance and anti-reconnaissance training on the Earth. When he had chatted with Sai Ya, the two men had behaved strange. But his attention had been caught by Sai Ya, he had no time to observe the two men. After Sai Ya had left, he had fallen into deep thinking. If his speculation was right, the two would hurt Sai Ya. As long as she left White Tiger City, troubles would come to her.

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