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"Childe, it doesn't matter my rabbit has flown away. You buy me another pet. I have no time to take for it."


"If you have no time, we can stew it."


Because the time was not too late, Li Changfeng brought Xiaodie to the store of elf Sai Ya. He was sorry for her, for he knew Xiaodie really liked the rabbit, which had been killed by White Tiger.


Although Li Changfeng used White Tiger to replace the rabbit temporarily, White Tiger, which was in the infant period, was easy to suffer an accident. By the way, it had so many enemies; if its trace was found, he might die. Thinking of these, Li Changfeng had put White Tiger into the White Tiger Space. In the next day, he had lied to Xiaodie. He had told her that her pet had flown away towards the bright moon in the evening.


Although the excuse had been absurd, Li Changfeng's expression had been sincere. Therefore, Xiaodie had believed him and even comforted him. She had said that her rabbit was a supernatural animal, so it would not suffer something bad. Additionally, she had prayed for her rabbit.


This thing had been solved, but Li Changfeng was ashamed of his behavior all the time. Therefore, when they had time, he planned to buy Xiaodie another pet.


"Em? Sai Ya, what are you doing?" Before reaching in the pet store, Li Changfeng saw Sai Ya coming over from the opposite side with a travelling bag on her back.


"Ah! It's you!" Li Changfeng's sound gave a surprise to Sai Ya.


"What's wrong?" Noticing Sai Ya's depression, Li Changfeng got more confused. Judging from her appearance, she seemed to go on a long journey. But it was getting dark. Where did she go?


"Nothing. I may leave here." Sai Ya pulled her bag, turned around and threw out a reluctant glance to the pet store.


"Leave?" Not only Li Changfeng didn't understand, but also Xiaodie did.


"You have lived here well. Why do you leave? What's the matter with you?"


"Nothing." Sai Ya let out a factitious smile, "Maybe I feel lonely here. I want to change a living condition. I have arranged all things well for the pet store. Granny at the west of the city will take charge of the store." Sai Ya nodded slightly, a trace of melancholy appearing in her eyes by accident.


"If you want to leave, why not waiting for tomorrow? It's evening now. You, a woman, are unsafe in the night!" Li Changfeng touched his chin. His intuition told him there must be something happening. Sai Ya had stayed in White Tiger City for three years, so it was impossible for her to leave here without any accident. Going to a new place would make her feel lonelier, so it couldn't be the real reason. Moreover, last time when they had visited her store, there had been no sign that she planned to leave. It was so sudden!


"Childe, don't worry. Elf is the child of nature. Out of the city, all places can be their homes. Though in the dark nights, they can ramble in the woods." Observing Li Changfeng again forgot the talents of the elf, Xiaodie reminded him at once.


"Yeah. Nature is home for elf. I will be fine and I like walking in the evening." Sai Ya nodded with smile. In fact, she had a good impression on Li Changfeng. Although they had suffered displeasure from each other, Li Changfeng had saved her. By far, she didn't pay back him. But she might have no chance to do something for Li Changfeng, for they might not meet each other again in the future.

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