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"Get out!" In a luxury yard of the General's Residence, Li Xiaotian threw out the mirror in his hands to the maid beside him, the two maids running out at once due to fear.


"Xiaotian, Xiaotian, what's wrong with you?" As the sound of third madam resounded, she rushed into the room and stopped Li Xiaotian, who was going to smash things.


Casting a glance on third madam, Li Xiaotian darkened his face and turned round immediately.


"Xiaotian, don't be sad. I know everything. Relax! I have invited best doctors to heal you. Your nose must recover!" Third madam couldn't help but worry Li Xiaotian when she noticed his hopeless sights.


"Recover? How to recover?" Third madam's words stimulated Li Xiaotian. He turned round and gazed at his mother with a fiendish face, which was flat like being batted by a brick. A piece of unguent was applied to his nose, causing him to breath by opening his mouth wide.


"Meridians and bones were smashed. It's impossible to recover! Don't lie to me! I'm clear about that. Ah!" Li Xiaotian shook third madam's hands off, turned round and punched the big vase at the door.


The sound of smash echoed. As the vase was broken to pieces and fell down to the ground instantly, the blood flowed down along Li Xiaotian's hand back.


"Xiaotian, don't hurt yourself! I'm sad to see you suffering injuries." Gazing at Li Xiaotian's crazy performance, third madam hugged him at once, "Don't hurt yourself. Please. Believe me! I will take revenge on Li Changfeng for you. The bastard has no many days to live!" A trace of homicidal intent appeared on her face.


"Oh? Mom, what do you want to do?" Li Xiaotian frowned and peered at third madam. Killing Li Changfeng was a dream thing for him.


"Hum!" Third madam sneered, "If the bastard stays in the General's Residence all the time, in consideration of Ling Qi (first madam), we can't kill him. But now he brings about his own destruction. Do you know where he goes?" Third madam stopped and asked.


"Where?" Li Xiaotian stared at her with expectations.


"He goes to the military reserves!" Third madam got complacent, seeming that she could control everything.


"Military reserves?" Li Xiaotian lowered his head for thinking, "It's…" Light flashed in his eyes, which seemed that he remembered something in a sudden.


"Yeah!" Third madam broke in his words, "the chief leader of military reserves is Liu Wuneng. Our Family Liu saved his life in the past."


"Er, heh heh…Haha…" Li Xiaotian laughed, "Li Changfeng, you draw ruin upon yourself. I can't wait! I'm going to visit Liu Wuneng now." Getting rid of the repression just now, Li Xiaotian lifted his legs to go out.


"Stop." Third madam grabbed Li Xiaotian, "It would be late if waiting for you. I have arranged in advance. You can stay at home and wait for good news."

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