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"Ah! Mr. Liu, it's not suitable for me to lead the most excellent soldiers." In the military camp of reserves, Li Changfeng patted Liu Wuneng's shoulder. Although he said those words, he got pleased inwardly. The most interesting thing in armies was to compete with other teams. But he thought he was not charming enough; Liu Wuneng didn't need to suck up to him. Why did Liu Wuneng allow him to lead the strongest soldiers in the reserves?


"Childe Fourth, you're so humble! It's their honor to be trained by the successor of Frontier General! They are looking forward you!" Liu Wuneng walked beside Li Changfeng with flattering smile. As the hidden cunning light gleamed in his eyes, he pointed to the orderly teams before them, "We're arriving. Childe Fourth, I'm going to introduce you to them at once."


Li Changfeng felt his blood burning up when he followed Liu Wuneng to stand on the platform and overlooked the bustling teams. It was so long since he had obtained such a comfortable feeling last time.


"Be quiet!" Liu Wuneng lifted his waist belt and waved his hand towards the teams below them. All noises disappeared immediately.


Liu Wuneng nodded his head with satisfaction, "today, I want to introduce a person to you. He is Li Changfeng, the team leader of the new-built eighth team and the fourth son of Frontier General. Let's applaud to welcome him!"


By saying that, Liu Wuneng took the lead in clapping his hands.


The thin applause made Li Changfeng's face twitch. There were so many people, but the applause was not sonorous at all and vanished soon. People here seemed to whisper with each other. The wind brought their words into Li Changfeng's ears.


"Fourth son of Frontier General? I heard he died…"


"Yeah, I remember he passed away for ten years…"


"No, he is alive. I heard he becomes a useless man…"


"Why is he still alive?"


"It's gonna be fun…"


No matter how peaceful Li Changfeng was, when he heard those discussions, he still got angry. Fuck their words!


"Be quiet! Be quiet!" Noticing Li Changfeng's discontent, Liu Wuneng instantly ceased the boisterous scene.


"Don't care them, Childe Fourth. They like making jokes. Do you want to see your team?" Liu Wuneng seemed to be satisfied with the current response, so he laughed.


"Em, yes." Li Changfeng cast a casual glimpse on Liu Wuneng and nodded.


"Okay. Except the eighth team, other teams can leave now."


As Liu Wuneng waved his hand, most people left at once. Only about 20 persons stood at the site and looked at Li Changfeng with contempt.


Were they the most excellent soldiers here?


Li Changfeng really wanted to turn round and slap the fatty beside him. What the fuck! According to his past experience, only by one sight, he knew the characters of these people. They actually had muscular bodies and approximately 2 meters high. But judging from their appearance, they must be recalcitrant! Another annoying thing was that other team had about 100 persons at least, but his team had mere 20 people. Damn!


"Stand straightly! Looking at your postures! Are you soldiers?" Liu Wuneng walked down from the platform, commanded the team and gazed at Li Changfeng in embarrassment.


"From now on, you belong to the eighth team and Childe Fourth is your leader. You should obey to him, okay? If I hear you make troubles, I will punish you adhering to military disciplines!" Liu Wuneng completed the normal process and folded his hands, "Childe Fourth, may I leave? I want to go back to deal with some matters."


"Oh, Mr. Liu, thanks, bye!" Li Changfeng lightly cupped his hands and followed Liu Wuneng with his resentful eyes. Fuck! Did Liu Wuneng try to psych him out? He would find a chance to revenge against Liu Wuneng.

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