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"Are you Childe Fourth? Li Changfeng?" The muscular man gave a disdainful glance to the thin and weak young man before him, for he was two times bigger than Li Changfeng. His arms were brawny as Li Changfeng's shanks; he was robust like a bear.


"Yeah. I'm Li Changfeng." Confronting the man's dismissive sights, Li Changfeng calmly nodded his head.


"Nice to meet you. I'm Kui Xiong, the team leader of the third team in military reserves of White Tiger City." Kui Xiong extended his hand before Li Changfeng.


"Em, let's go." Noticing Kui Xiong's scorn, Li Changfeng turned round immediately.


He whispered inwardly, "What the hell! If you disdain to shake hands with me, you don't need to stretch out your hand! I'm also unwilling! Okay?"


Looking at Li Changfeng passing by him, Kui Xiong couldn't help twitching his face.


Li Changfeng was an actually childe with bad temper! He really disliked those people who were aloof, proud and useless but enjoyed special treatments in armies. He became the team leader based on his own efforts and strength. However, was Li Changfeng strong? The talented childe of the General's Residence had been a useless man ten years ago. Looking at Li Changfeng's current appearance, he even thought a gust of wind could take Li Changfeng away. How could Li Changfeng be a team leader?


Although Kui Xiong was disgruntled with Li Changfeng, he didn't speak out, for Li Changfeng was the son of Frontier General.


The two didn't chat with each other on the road. At first, Kui Xiong had planned to teach Li Changfeng a lesson, so he had walked quickly. However, Li Changfeng had followed his steps all the time. When they arrived at the military camp outside the city, Li Changfeng still stayed behind him.


Was this the military camp of reserves?


The military camp was roomy enough but lacked facilities. Li Changfeng observed it and frowned. How could the camp defend against enemies? It only had a round of fence at one adult height as protection. Damn it! Li Changfeng thought if he had been on the Earth, he could launch a night raid and destroy the camp only by himself and several soldiers.


In his opinion, a military camp should set up a sentry in every five steps and a sentry post in every 10 steps with a high fence. Around the camp should stand observation posts. A few miles around the camp should be classified as restricted zone. No matter who got close to the camp, soldiers here should arrest the interloper at first. These were basic elements for a military camp. But the camp before him was so different from he thought.


In consideration that the military camp didn't belong to a regular army, Li Changfeng felt relieved. Moreover, most people here lived in White Tiger City and would go back their homes for sleeping at night. Therefore, this military camp was just a training site, without other functions. By thinking that, Li Changfeng shook his head and followed Kui Xiong to step in the camp.


"Mr. Liu, this is Li Changfeng. If there is nothing I need to do, I want to leave." Kui Xiong led Li Changfeng to pass through many tents and finally to the biggest tent. A fat man sat on the center of the tent. When Kui Xiong and Li Changfeng entered into the tent, he was eating.


"Er…You come so fast. Okay, Kui Xiong, you can leave now." Noticing the two, the fat man stood up instantly and stretched his neck to swallow food.


Li Changfeng couldn't help frowning. Damn it! Thanks to the man's five sense organs, otherwise, he even thought the man before him was a pigman of orc race. How could a man like him be a team leader?


"Come on, Childe Fourth, sit down please." The fatty used a broken cloth to wipe his hands and then pointed to the seat beside him.


"Em, thank you. But could you please introduce my team to me? Now is a little late. I don't want to waste my first working day!" Li Changfeng twitched his mouth, for he didn't want to stay in this tent any more. When he saw the fatty, he even felt uncomfortable.


"Heh heh, Childe Fourth, you are so impatient. Okay, let's go. I'm Liu Wuneng, the chief leader here. If you need help, you can…"

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