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Two days later, first madam arranged for Li Changfeng to join the military reserves of White Tiger City.


Military reserves referred to people who waited for going the front. Every year there would be some losses in fighting forces at the front or border. Some were old so that their legs were not flexible, some were ill so that they had no strength to fight, and some were died directly. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient fighting forces at the border each year, the new blood were needed.


However, it was difficult for the new blood to adapt to the troop lives when they got into an army at first. Therefore, military reserves were a transition period. Each time, the army would supplement its fighting forces from the military reserves of major cities. Military reserves could be regarded as a formal training before becoming a solider and they would also take charge of the safety and stability of their own cities.


"Childe, if you feel hard, you can get back. I'm afraid you will suffer injuries!" Before Li Changfeng left home, Xiaodie was reluctant to part with him, so she cleared up his clothes again and again.


"Ah! You said that many times! My fourth brother goes there just for acquiring experience, not for combating on the battlefield. He can't die! By the way, he is a team leader. Don't worry!" Li Linglong got impatient. The military camp was not far from the suburb of White Tiger City, and Li Changfeng would come back for sleeping every day. Why did Xiaodie behave like parting forever?


"You can say that because he is not your childe!" Xiaodie murmured with anger, which made Li Changfeng don't know what expression he should put on.


"Okay, let's go! Xiaodie, follow us!" Seeing there was no hint of the stop of behavior between Xiaodie and Li Changfeng, Li Linglong couldn't help but drag Li Changfeng to get out.


"Me? Together?" Xiaodie got startled, so did Li Changfeng.


Could maid be brought to a military camp?


"Yeah, but not military camp. When I and my mother went back to the Castellan's Residence yesterday, we also made an arrangement for you. Starting from today, you will have a teacher, at the high level of Rosefinch sixth heaven. He will teach you many strong Rosefinch skills!" Li Linglong waited for Xiaodie's response with smile; she hoped this was a surprise to Xiaodie.


"What? No!" Xiaodie refused Li Linglong straightly, which was completely different from Li Linglong's expectation.


"Why? You can study skills because you are at the Rosefinch fourth heaven." Li Linglong fell into confusion.


So many people desired for a teacher at the high level of Rosefinch sixth heaven, and every strong cultivator featured his own exclusive skills and trump card that would not be transferred to other people except his disciples. Why did she not agree? This was an excellent teacher!


"I, I have to take care of childe. If I'm not here, what does my childe eat? He will be unadaptable to dishes made by others." Meeting Li Linglong's puzzled sights, Xiaodie was in a pickle. Of course she knew this was a great chance for a maid, but she must care after Li Changfeng. It was difficult for her to make a choice.


"It doesn't matter." Li Linglong understood immediately and nodded her head, "Like my fourth brother, you can also get back at night. The General's Residence is not far from the Castellan's Residence. By the way, I and Lingyun welcome you to live in the Castellan's Residence. Hey! Let's go!" After explanation, Li Linglong pulled Xiaodie to go out.


The military camp of reserves and Castellan's Residence were at the same direction, so Li Linglong led Li Changfeng to a muscular man waiting at the entrance of the Castellan's Residence, and then got into the residence with Xiaodie.

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