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"Changfeng, I heard the thing from Black. Now, I want to ask you something." First madam pulled Li Changfeng to another room after paying a visit to Xiaodie.


"Please." Li Changfeng served first madam a cup of water and sat opposite her.


"Actually, I should consult this thing with your mother, but now I have to talk to you." First madam hesitated for a short while.


"After your father gets back, you will become an adult this year. Normally, the descendants of the General's Residence should go to the front like your forefathers. But our family also needs men. Your father said two of your four brothers must enter the field to learn marching and embattling. You know your second and third brothers have no talent in military science, and they even lack of basic strength to protect themselves on the battlefield, so your father decided to let you and your eldest brother to be soldiers at first. However, you suffered an accident later. Your father didn't mention this thing from then on." First madam stopped.


"First madam, what do you mean?" Li Changfeng gazed at her in surprise.


"I want to know what you think. Black told me you can easily hurt the guard of your third brother. Although I don't how you did that, if you desire to go to the front, I can persuade your father after he comes back. I know your father will consider my suggestions. By the way, I heard you have studied many military books. But if you don't want to be a solider, you can stay at home. When your adult ceremony ends, you can be responsible for the matters of the General's Residence with your second brother or for the businesses with your third brother. But they have been unfriendly to you since you were a kid. I worry you will suffer losses from them."


Li Changfeng narrowed his eyes. Did it need to choose? Muddling along without any aim was not his style. A real man should enter the field! He had been a solider when he had stayed on the Earth!


"I want to be a solider!" Li Changfeng replied without any hesitation.


"Are you sure?" Amazement appeared on first madam's face. In fact, she planned to give Li Changfeng some time to think, but she didn't imagine he would make a decision so quickly.


"Yes! Gallop across the battlefield, protect our homes and defend our country - this is a man's duty. As a descendant of the General's Residence, this is also my destiny." Li Changfeng lightly headed up, stared at the simple roof and said righteously, seeming like an embodiment of nation guards.


"Okay!" Peering at Li Changfeng, first madam nodded her head heavily, "Now that you have such a high aspiration, I will try to persuade your father. If you can gain experience before he gets back, the thing will be easier. Fine! I'm going to inquire whether there is an experience suitable for you over the next two days. If possible, I will arrange you to join!" By saying that, first madam stood up with pleasure. It seemed that she wanted to make an arrangement for Li Changfeng soon.


"First madam…" Li Changfeng didn't know what he should say. First madam seemed to be more anxious than him; he didn't expect her to show a hot-headed aspect, not mature and steady as before.

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