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"Em? Why here is so bustling today?"


When Li Changfeng planned to seize third madam and torment her, a familiar voice reached in his ears. He turned round and saw Li Linglong holding first madam to slowly step into the yard, Black winking his eyes to him, which made him feel uncomfortable.


All people stopped their actions when noticing the stronger guards behind first madam.


"First madam!" All guards brought by third madam bowed to first madam, which amazed Li Changfeng. He didn't know first madam had such a high status. The guards behind her were different; they even didn't cast a glance on third madam.


"Sister, do you have something to do here?" Dissatisfaction flashed on third madam's face, because she knew her plan failed when first madam turned up.


"I come here for fourth sister's son. It has been a long time since I met Changfeng. Alas! Why do you become so thin?" After entering into the yard, first madam didn't give third madam a glance, and she just fixed her eyes on Li Changfeng. When she said Li Changfeng was thin, tears rolled in her eyes. This expression even made Li Changfeng feel wronged. Yes! He was thin! But they had met each other just now…


"Hum! Fourth sister's son…" Third madam sneered and displayed her scorn.


"What's wrong?" Noticing the discontent in third madam's sound, first madam turned round slowly.


"Ha! You should ask what this bastard did! He…" Third madam pointed to Li Changfeng in rage and wanted to disclose his rascality.


"Stop!" First madam darkened her face, the whole yard becoming extremely quiet, "No matter what background fourth sister comes from and even though she is not from Yulong Empire, Li Changfeng is actually the descendant of Family Li. You said bastard before these servants. You bring shame on the General's Residence!"


"I…" Third madam ceased shouting with her rampant arrogance vanishing, but she still murmured, "But, the fault is …"


"Close your mouth!" First madam waved her hand, "go back. I heard of the thing. I believe you are clear who is wrong. Take care of your son. If you continue to make troubles unreasonably, I have to adopt the family rules."


"I…" Third madam got into fury inwardly when she heard of family rules. She threw out a disgruntled glance to first madam. She knew her son was wrong, so she had to leave with anger in the end.


Fuck! Li Changfeng suddenly realized he had a powerful helper! Under the protection of first madam, nobody in the General's Residence would dare to provoke him!


Thinking of this, Li Changfeng exclaimed behind third madam, "Take care of third brother and tell him, if we meet outside, I will beat him!"


"Poof…" Li Linglong couldn't help laughing.


"You…" Third madam, who was going to walk out of the yard, almost fell down to the ground for fury. Finally, she put her hand on chest and was held by two maids to leave.


"Mischievous!" First madam tried to control her smile, gently beat Li Changfeng and then pulled him back.

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