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"Childe, is it my rabbit?" Xiaodie opened her eyes wide and couldn't believe her pet was two times bigger than this noon.


"Yes…It's your rabbit! It grows up fast." Li Changfeng looked out with a guilty conscience to avoid Xiaodie's confused sights.


"But…Why its ears become shorter? I remember its tail is not long. By the way, its hair is not soft as before…" Xiaodie drew a long face and wanted to find the trace of her rabbit in White Tiger. But except the white color, White Tiger was different from her rabbit.


"This…This is mutation!" An idea suddenly hit Li Changfeng, "Xiaodie, you had said under the specific conditions, warcraft can mutate. Do you forget?"


"But the change is so huge!" Xiaodie gazed at White Tiger with doubt. Even if her rabbit mutated, it should be still a rabbit. However, she couldn't judge the species of the animal before her. Was it possible for a rabbit to change species through mutation?


"No, the change is not huge." Li Changfeng looked around and dodged Xiaodie's eyes, "A girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood, so your rabbit's change is not huge. I think the change is normal."


"No. Childe, look at me and tell me whether it is my rabbit." Noticing Li Changfeng's uneasy expression, Xiaodie firmed her opinion.




"Li Changfeng, you are son of a bitch! Come out!"


As Li Changfeng planned to make more excuses, the curse in rage from the yard reached in his ears and made his face black. But this rescued him from the awkward condition.


"Er, it seems we have guests. Wait for me quietly and don't move." Li Changfeng gently pinched Xiaodie's face to comfort her and then turned round. After closing Xiaodie's room door, he cleared up his clothes and walked to the yard with seriousness.


Li Changfeng lightly frowned when he saw more than ten persons gathered in his yard. A woman stood before all people and glared at him with heavy hostility. He immediately guessed her identity - third madam of the General's Residence, who was also Li Xiaotian's mother.


"Li Changfeng, you're son of bitch. How dare you hurt my son just for a maid? Today, I'm going to make you beg for death!"


Li Changfeng believed the reality of her words based on her insidious sights and straight threat. In fact, she left him a malicious and diabolical first impression.


"What? Do you want to fight with me? Come on!" Li Changfeng shook his body with arms akimbo, like a local ruffian, which surprised third madam.


"Bastard! You are always hopeless." Third madam fell into fury for Li Changfeng's words. Her quivering body indicated she was going crazy.


"Hum!" Li Changfeng picked his nose and rolled his eyes. He didn't care what third madam had said just now.


"Rule-enforcing guards!" Seeing Li Changfeng actions, third madam roared at once.


"Yes!" Several strapping men came out of the crowds instantly.


Em? Did they want to attack him? Disdain appeared on Li Changfeng's face. He had 80% probability to press third madam on the ground before he was subdued. It was said to catch bandits, first catch the ringleader. Only he could control third madam, everything would be easy. By the way, he was not afraid of troubles.


"Hum!" Third madam let out a sneer and accused Li Changfeng of a crime.


"Li Changfeng, Childe Fourth of the General's Residence, for personal affairs, teamed up with his maid Xiaodie to heavily hurt my son, Li Xiaotian. According to the rules of the General's Residence, now grab Li Changfeng and put him into the prison of the General's Residence!" After saying that, third madam stared at Li Changfeng with complacence. She desired to torment Li Changfeng after he was put into the prison.


"Yes! Third madam!" The strapping men looked at each other and agreed after comparing the background between the two parties.


Damn it! When hearing third madam's announcement, Li Changfeng really wanted to slap her. How could she confuse right and wrong? He didn't care the accusation for him but he couldn't stand her slander to Xiaodie. Peering at the men who were getting close to him, Li Changfeng moved his wrists and ankles with scorn. Actually, he never beat woman, but if third madam forced him to do, he would not refuse and he would exert all his strength.

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