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Childe Third, whose face was filled up with blood, was moved by his guard from the abandoned yard of the General's Residence. Later, Childe Fourth held his maid Xiaodie, whose closes were broken, to get out of the same yard. This caused a stir in the General's Residence immediately.


What had happened? Why the personal guard of first madam Black stayed with them? Why Childe Third was beaten? Who hurt him? And why Childe Fourth also appeared in the abandoned yard? What's wrong with Xiaodie? Why her clothes were broken? It seemed that she had been raped by someone. Instantly, a series of questions spread in the General's Residence, like wild wind.



"Lie down. I go to take a towel for you." Li Changfeng lightly touched Xiaodie's tumid ankle.


"Childe," noticing Li Changfeng was going to leave, Xiaodie seized him, "Please, please get back soon. I'm really afraid."


"Relax. I will go back as soon as possible, okay?" Li Changfeng gently patted Xiaodie's shoulder and then walked out.


Where were the two pets?


When standing outside the door, Li Changfeng looked around the yard but didn't see White Tiger or Xiaodie's rabbit.


In consideration of Xiaodie, Li Changfeng gave up finding them and brought a wet towel to get in the room.


"Childe, I want my rabbit to accompany me." After Li Changfeng used the wet towel to compress her ankle, Xiaodie gazed at Li Changfeng by her pathetic and weeping eyes and put forward her request.


"Oaky, I bring it here at once." As Li Changfeng lifted Xiaodie's leg to a suitable height, he turned round to find the two pets. How careless he was! White Tiger shared life with him. Therefore, if White Tiger suffered an accident, he might die.


Li Changfeng made the circuit of the yard but didn't find the trace of White Tiger. He immediately got nervous. Rushing to his room, Li Changfeng saw White Tiger lying on the middle of the room. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was lucky! However, when he fixed his eyes to look, his face twitched. Yeah! White Tiger was fine! But what was that?


Observing a red and strange animal lay beside White Tiger, Li Changfeng got close to it with tension.




Just by one sight, Li Changfeng couldn't help turning round. What a cruel scene! Xiaodie's rabbit had died, in a miserable way. When meeting White Tiger's innocent sights, Li Changfeng really wanted to slap it. He just hoped that White Tiger scared the rabbit by chasing it. However, White Tiger killed the rabbit directly. How should he tell Xiaodie her rabbit was died? Damn it! He was clear Xiaodie really, really liked her rabbit. If he told her this message, she would become sadder.


Thinking of that, Li Changfeng got up the courage, picked up White Tiger by holding its neck and got out.

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