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"Fourth brother?" Li Xiaotian stopped taking Xiaodie's clothes off in surprise, gave a glance to Li Changfeng and stood up as if nothing had happened, "I don't expect to see you here."


"Hum!" Li Changfeng jumped down from the artificial hill. The height from the top to the ground was similar to the cumulative height of several adults, but Li Changfeng moved easily, astounding the two guards beside Li Xiaotian.


Li Changfeng walked to Li Xiaotian, "Third brother, it seems you don't care what I said on this morning."


"Heh. I paid you money early, so Xiaodie belongs to me now. Why should I adhere to your words?"


"Belong to you?" Li Changfeng picked his nose and narrowed his eyes when he saw the tears and red finger trace on Xiaodie's face.


At the next moment, Li Xiaotian let out a scream in a sudden and bent his body like a shrimp. After this attack by knee, Li Changfeng immediately generated all his strength to punch at Li Xiaotian's nose.


As a loud bone fracturing sound echoed, Li Xiaotian flew out directly. He hit the artificial hill and then dropped down to the ground.


"Childe!" All of these happened in a wink, so that Li Xiaotian's two guards couldn't respond promptly. They didn't imagine their childe would be beaten by Li Changfeng, a useless man. Did their childe ignore the attacks? Maybe they underestimated Li Changfeng!


"Childe Fourth, stop, please!" The two guards found their voice when they noticed Li Xiaotian's nose was squished and he got into coma. One guard went to observe Li Xiaotian's traumatic condition while the other ceased Li Changfeng's steps.


"Fuck off!" Murderous light flashed in Li Changfeng's eyes. Xiaodie was at the Rosefinch fourth heaven so she could defeat Li Xiaotian easily. Therefore, it was impossible for Li Xiaotian to kidnap Xiaodie merely by himself; the two guards must have helped him!


Li Changfeng lifted his leg and kicked the guard, making the guard fell into a dilemma. If the guard fought back, he would offend Li Changfeng; if not, the only thing he could do was to see Li Xiaotian being beaten by Li Changfeng. He was not loyal to Li Xiaotian like Xiaodie to Li Changfeng. Xiaodie could ignore her own safety for Li Changfeng, but he couldn't. However, if he did nothing, he would be punished by Li Xiaotian's mother. Observing Li Changfeng's leg became increasingly close, the guard nerved himself and parried the attack with his arms.




The strong strength made the guard back up. He was astonished by the power from Li Changfeng's thin body. The pain on his arms was similar to the pain caused by stick. It was obvious that Li Changfeng didn't plan to let him go. When the guard retreated, Li Changfeng got close to him. "Human machine" was not just a nickname. Li Changfeng completely displayed his physical skills by attacking the guard. At first, the guard had to restrain his power; later, he must exert all his energies; finally, it was difficult for him to resist the assault from Li Changfeng. He became more and more astonished for Li Changfeng's strange skills that aimed at the vital part of the body. If the guard posted less internal energy than Li Changfeng, he must be defeated by Li Changfeng earlier.


"Ouch!" The guard screamed for Li Changfeng folded his arm.


"Fuck off!" Li Changfeng fished out the dagger. In fact, he had the chance to kill the guard but he gave up, because he knew this was Li Xiaotian's idea. As a servant, the guard had to follow Li Xiaotian's orders. The previous education on the Earth told him that he had no right to deprive others' lives.


"Childe Fourth, no!" When Li Changfeng rushed to Li Xiaotian for killing him, suddenly, a hairy big hand pressed Li Changfeng's shoulder.


Meeting Black's firm eyes and seeing Xiaodie shaking her head, Li Changfeng took a long breath and headed for Xiaodie, helping her unfasten the rope.


"Awrrr…Childe…" After the rope was untied, Xiaodie hugged Li Changfeng immediately.


"It's over. I'm here. Don't be afraid." Li Changfeng gently touched the red and turgid finger trace on Xiaodie's face and cast a glimpse on Li Xiaotian who was taken away by his guards. He thought he must find a chance to kill Li Xiaotian.

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