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"Thank you, first madam, but I don't need. I have something to do now. Can I borrow your guard? He stands behind you." Li Changfeng observed there were two orc people in first madam's three guards. In the whole General's Residence, only first madam could use orc people as guards. One of the orc guards was a dog-head man, like a real dog, seeming to be responsible for vigilance.


"Oh?" First madam got surprised for a short while and turned round, "Are you saying Black?"


Damn it! According to the name, Li Changfeng immediately knew the dog-head man was called Black. "Yes." He nodded his head at once.


"Okay. Black, follow Changfeng and help him." First madam agreed without any hesitance.


"Yes, madam." Black bowed to first madam with respect and walked to Li Changfeng.


"Thank you so much, first madam. I will return him to you soon." After saying that, Li Changfeng grabbed Black and ran fast. Later, they came to a quiet place.


"Smell me." Li Changfeng opened his arms and stared at Black.


"Em?" Black rolled his eyes, like he was raped.


"Hurry up! Xiaodie is missing and I suspect she may meet some troubles." Noticing Black's expression, Li Changfeng felt more disgusted than before. If not for Xiaodie, he would beat Black when Black got close to him with head.


"Is it finished yet?" Li Changfeng tried to suppress his impulse to push Black away when he saw Black sniffing his chest with a big nose.


"Okay." Black raised his head, coughed for a while and rushed towards a direction.


The paths they passed were narrow and winding, and they didn't meet anyone on the road.


Where was it?


When Black led Li Changfeng to a dilapidated big yard overgrown with weeds, he became more nervous than before. He was sure it was impossible for Xiaodie to come to the yard by herself. Homicidal impulse struck him in a sudden. If Xiaodie suffered any hurt, he would kill the person who had kidnapped her. Nobody could stop him!


"Childe Fourth, here we are." Black ceased his steps. Li Changfeng almost hit Black because he had fallen into his thoughts just now.


"Here?" Li Changfeng pointed to the artificial hill before them with his expression freezing immediately. The scrabbling sound coming from the hill ignited his fury.


Li Changfeng jumped up to the artificial hill in a movement, agile like ape men of orc. Black was startled by Li Changfeng's performance. Did Childe Fourth have such a good physical skill?


When Black came to his senses, Li Changfeng had climbed over the hill. Immediately, Black followed Li Changfeng's steps and jumped to the hill. As an orc man, he was on a par with Li Changfeng in speed.


"Li Xiaotian!!!" Standing on the top of artificial hill, Li Changfeng saw Xiaodie being bound and lay on the ground with broken clothes. He felt his blood was burning up. Staring at Li Xiaotian, Li Changfeng didn't conceal his intention to kill his brother.

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