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In the new morning, Xiaodie got up early to prepare breakfast for Li Changfeng. When she opened her door, she noticed an emaciated person was doing sports in the yard. That person sometimes squatted, sometimes got down on his hands, and sometimes rolled on the ground. Although those actions were a little stiff, the connection of actions was smooth. Moreover, those simple actions were brisk.


"Childe!" Xiaodie ran to the person at once, "Childe, why did you leave the bed? Why not wear an upper garment in the early morning? You may have a cold!"


Xiaodie was worried when she saw the soil and sweat appear on Li Changfeng's bare upper body. She helped him wipe immediately.


"Hey. I'm fine." Li Changfeng breathed fiercely, drying his sweat, "I lied on the bed all the time, I feel my body is nearly paralyzed, so I want to do some sports. I feel comfortable now."


Xiaodie tittered when seeing Li Changfeng's dirty face, "Fine, please take a breath! The medicine on your head needs to be changed. I'm going to prepare hot water for you to take a shower. If you feel boring, after breakfast, I'm glad to take you to have a walk." Xiaodie was also happy to see Li Changfeng is energetic.


"Thanks. But don't go!" Li Changfeng grasped Xiaodie, "I don't need hot water. The cold water is good enough. It refreshes me."

"What?" Xiaodie was in a daze for a short while and shook her head momentarily, "I can't. The temperature in the morning is so low. You will catch a cold."


"I'm fine. I'm strong and I will not have a cold." Li Changfeng did a strong and handsome posture. But he was embarrassed when noticing his bony body.


Xiaodie tittered once more for his strange posture. She never expected the childe to be gracious like now, and he was very humorous.


"Okay. Please just wipe by cold water, don't get in! I'm going to prepare breakfast for you." Xiaodie walked out. Behind her, Li Changfeng sighed, "Xiaodie is so beautiful. She is suitable to be a wife." In fact, he woke up early because of his sexual desire. He couldn't control himself to think of Xiaodie's lovely face in the evening yesterday. Although this body was weak, but inside the body was a muscular man's soul.


When Xiaodie was far away from Li Changfeng, he quickly got off his trousers and jumped into the big bath barrel that was full of cold water. He couldn't help trembling for the penetrative coldness.




Sinking in the water, Li Changfeng remembered the feeling as a solider. He joined in the army halfway. The class at the first day was gathering urgently in the midnight of chilling winter to take a bath under cold water. That was inhumane! Soldiers let cold water flow through their bodies with tears. The cold water was down to the ground and froze. All drillmasters roared haha. At that moment, Li Changfeng was conquered. The army was his home! Fuck! All people here were rogues. The army was a treasured land for him.


"Childe! Childe!" Li Changfeng was not satisfied by sinking in water yet, Xiaodie's sound echoing.


"Poof…"Li Changfeng stuck his head out of water, "What happened?"


"Please come out! Why are you in water?" The sound of Li Changfeng jumping into water startled Xiaodie. She didn't walk so far at that time. When she got back, she couldn't find Li Changfeng. She instantly recognized he must enter into water. At the thought of penetrative cold water, she was anxious at once.


"I'm fine. It's comfortable." Li Changfeng shrugged his shoulders.


"Ah! No way, please come out! Please!" Staring at Li Changfeng's action, Xiaodie bounced with worries.

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