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As a virgin solider, never enjoying a physical affair, Li Changfeng's body responded immediately to Xiaodie's violent actions. "Okay, okay. I come out. Please stop jumping. My eyes are dazzled because of that." Li Changfeng promptly lifted his hands to give her a stop sign, because he was worried he couldn't control himself later.


"Why do you get out?" Li Changfeng squatted down in the water with embarrassment. What a contradictory girl! On the one hand, Xiaodie expected him out. On the other hand, she still stood here and stared at him. How should he get out? He was naked!


"Why should I get out?" Xiaodie was perplexed by this question.


"I don't wear clothes now." Confronting Xiaodie's confused sights, Li Changfeng whispered.


"Why not get out and put on your clothes?" Surprise on Xiaodie's face was more obvious than before.


"Hmmm!" Li Changfeng became speechless, "I say I wear no clothes. I'm naked now." Li Changfeng repeated word by word in case Xiaodie couldn't understand his meaning.


"Oh…" Xiaodie nodded her head and looked like she was absorbed in thought. "I got it. Do you want to stay in cold water longer? Hem!"




Xiaodie extended her hands and grabbed Li Changfeng before Li had reactions. Immediately, Li Changfeng felt a kind of mighty strength coming from his shoulder, and he was pulled out from the barrel.


Li Changfeng opened his eyes wide and couldn't speak a word. They were face to face when he was naked.


"The water is too cold. You are easy to have a cold…"Xiaodie's face turned to be slightly red. She didn't care of Li Changfeng's naked body. She just wiped his body conscientiously.


The refreshing woman's sweet smell got into Li Changfeng's nose, his body responding unknowingly. Was she tempting him?


"Xiaodie." Li Changfeng couldn't help pressing his arms against Xiaodie's sides.


"Eh?" Xiaodie stopped her wiping behavior. Her face was flushed when feeling the powerful strength from Li Changfeng's lower half.


"Childe, please stop. I'm just a humble maid." Xiaodie gently refused.


"No. I never take you as a maid." Li Changfeng gazed at Xiaodie fondly. His words were real because he came to this world yesterday.


"But I still say no." Meeting Li Changfeng's soulful eyes, Xiaodie shook her head firmly.


"Is there anyone you like?" Li Changfeng was bewildered.


"No." Xiaodie denied at once. "I have followed Childe since I was purchased by your mother. I will never leave Childe alone unless you forsake me."


"So why refuse me?"


"Not because me…"Xiaodie stared at Li Changfeng with grievance, "It because Childe is not in good health…When your mother was alive, she told me your body is weak and unhealthy. Before you become an adult, I can't follow some of your orders; despite I'm your personal maid. You know it is bad for your body…"Xiaodie almost buried her head in arms when mentioning last words.


"I'm not in good health?"


Li Changfeng was embarrassed and came to realize the truth. It was right. He was pulled out from the barrel by Xiaodie with just a hand. Damn his weak body!


"Heh heh. It's just a joke. Go, do your things. I dress myself." Li Changfeng loosened his hands on Xiaodie's waist with awkwardness, and took a towel to cover his body. It was so sad to hear someone say his body was not good. It was a defiance of a man's dignity. If he was really not competent to have a physical affair, he would be disgraced. He needed to do more exercises.


"Yum!" Xiaodie tittered and walked away quickly, leaving Li Changfeng with his embarrassment.

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