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It was late at night. The room was a little chilly. Gazing at the clear and bright moonlight coming from outside, Li Changfeng was not sleepy at all. Miscellaneous thoughts rolled in his heart like waves. He never imagined he would meet such a fantastic incident. But in fact, he didn't care about his mysterious experience. His attention was caught by the original owner of this body. It was difficult for him to receive the fact he was a wimp before.


He chatted with Xiaodie just now. At most of time, he threw out questions and Xiaodie answered. His questions were simple, including the cause of his current bad condition. According to Xiaodie's replies, his injuries were made by his half-blooded second brother.


The family rules in General's Residence were very strict, so despite Li Changfeng was a powerless childe, a common servant was unable to offend him owing to his status. Actually, Li Changfeng's second brother - Li Tianyi, couldn't launch a raid to him easily, excluding through the regular channel. Here was General's Residence, so the regular match would not be prohibited. All of these originated from Li Tianyi saying Li Changfeng was rubbish on purpose. Those words infuriated Li Changfeng, causing he made an appointment with Li Tianyi, to accept three martial matches. However, after the first match, he was falling into currently terrible condition. Additionally, this happened three days ago, the real Li Changfeng was dead.


Original Li Changfeng asked for trouble, damn him!


Li Changfeng didn't know how to judge the original owner of this body. The trap was apprant, but he still jumped down. It was clear he couldn't beat his brother, he still accepted the challenge. Did he want to look like a hot-blooded man, or to disguise his foolish behaviors?


Li Changfeng raised his tender and white arms, and remembered his big fists in previous life. The sound of wind by punching dimly resounded in his ears. He had a sudden impulse to cry.


Not only his injured body, but also the palm trace on Xiaodie' face, all were Li Tianyi's fruits. In the afternoon, Li Changfeng lost consciousness and didn't wake up, so Xiaodie got out to invite the doctor in General's Residence to heal him. However, she met Li Tianyi on the road. Without any word or reason, Li Tianyi slapped Xiaodie head-on. Finally, the doctor didn't come.


What the fuck! Why should he bear that?


Li Changfeng knew everything originated from his terrible ability and bad background. But Xiaodie was a good girl and she was innocent. He was indignant to get her into trouble.


The most troubling thing was here was not an uncivilized backward world, here was a world the strong were respected. In this world, people fought with each other not based on physical strength, but on martial skills and power. The whole world was centered on the martial art. If one person wanted to enjoy a high status, he must be powerful at first.


Li Changfeng witnessed Xiaodie broke the cup on the desk three meters away before him just by flipping. This was amazing! But when he was told Xiaodie was in the first stage of Rosefinch third heaven, he fell into disappointment again.


"Why I have no meridians?" Li Changfeng was puzzled. In his previous life, he was born in a traditional Chinese medicine family. His experience reminded him it was impossible that a person had no meridians. Meridians were existent despite they were invisible. If one person lost meridians, he would be dead. But he was still alive, what happened to his meridians?


Thinking about this problem, Li Changfeng fell asleep unconsciously. The most important thing was to recover his body. In terms of his currently weak body, he believed the previous he in the earth could kill the current he by fists easily. His second brother might just want to make a fool of him, but unluckily, the real Li Changfeng was dead. Whatever, he was determined to begin a new life. Damn the terrible and aggrieved lifestyle! A man should be born with aggressiveness.

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