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"Here it is. Go in and have a check!" When Li Changfeng planned to pay forcibly, a group of White Tiger City's guards rushed into the shop in a sudden.


What's wrong? Li Changfeng got puzzled. He had thought the elf had called the "police" secretly at first, but when he found the elf was nervous, he was sure this was a misunderstanding.


"What are you doing?" Xiaodie asked these guards when Li Changfeng and the elf maintained silence.


"Heh." Hearing Xiaodie's question, those guards turned round and gazed at them. Their leader walked to them, "What are you doing here? Are you the elf's partners? Take them away!"


"Are you crazy?" While Li Changfeng was ready for fighting, Xiaodie fished a small board and lifted it before these guards, "Be polite before the fourth son of Frontier General!"


What the hell! Witnessing this scene, Li Changfeng thought Xiaodie was so powerful. She alone fought with several martial-looking men. In Li Changfeng's eyes, a layer of golden and dazzling light curled around Xiaodie, which made people worship her.


By the way, the board in Xiaodie's hand seemed to belong to him, but why he had no other one?


"Childe Fourth?" The leader was amazed and immediately headed towards the board. When he confirmed the board actually belonged to the General's Residence, his expression changed at once.


"Childe Fourth, I'm so sorry. I didn't know your identity just now; please forgive me for my impoliteness." The leader greatly changed his attitude and became extremely courteous.


"It doesn't matter. So what do you do here?" Li Changfeng was a little pleasant when these guards bowed before him. He received high respect outside though he was nobody in the General's Residence.


"Childe Fourth, we're seeking for an elf. Yesterday, a person stole goods from Longchen Auction. According to the description of the guard on duty, the person should be an elf. Moreover, the elf's back was hurt by the guard. Therefore, we're investigating the elves from other places one by one in White Tiger City."


"Oh? Steal?" Li Changfeng cast a meaningful glimpse on the elf.


"Yes. Childe Fourth. Longchen Auction plans to sell a batch of precious goods, so it's normal for someone to steal their goods." The leader replied respectfully.


"Okay, I got it. You can go to other places. This elf has no relation with the theft." Noticing the elf's anxiety, Li Changfeng grabbed her to his arms.


"Ah…" The guards looked at each other and didn't know what they should do.


"Take it easy." Observing these guards wanted to continue, Li Changfeng raised his head awkwardly, "I can promise you she is not the thief, because we were…all the night yesterday. Heh heh. You know, she had no time to go out."


"Oh…" Confronting Li Changfeng's sights, these guards understood suddenly. All right, they knew Li Changfeng's meaning so they said goodbye and left.


"Shameless!" The elf struggled to free herself from Li Changfeng's arms instantly when the guards got out.


"Me?" Li Changfeng smiled and quickly patted the elf's back.


"Ouch…" The elf breathed in a gasp and stared at Li Changfeng with resentment.


"Your back has not been healed yet, right?" Li Changfeng peered at the elf with smile, "Xiaodie. Could you help her bind up again to avoid the infection of her wounds?"


"Yes. Childe. Hold the rabbit, please." Xiaodie gave a glance to the elf, handed the rabbit to Li Changfeng and pulled the elf to the inner room.



It was afternoon when Li Changfeng and Xiaodie started getting back. In order to thank Li Changfeng for his help, the elf cooked authentic specialties of the elf race by herself. Although these dishes were all vegetables, they had a good taste.


Based on their talks, the elf was named Sai Ya and had come to White Tiger City three years ago. She had burst into Longchen Auction at night just because there was an elf among goods. She wanted to rescue her. In fact, human trafficking also existed in this world; in addition to the elf race, all other races also suffered trafficking. The elf and fox lady of orc race were popular among human beings in terms of their beautiful appearance and rare species. Some wealthy and powerful men wanted to stay with a beauty like them.


Actually, Li Changfeng also hoped he could own an elf. It was not because Xiaodie was not good enough, but because the elf featured a different style. Both of them boasted their own advantages. It was normal for men to have such a thought.

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