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"Childe, you have a sword and you leave it at home!" On the road to the General's Residence, Li Changfeng stopped his steps in front of a weapon shop. Noticing his action, Xiaodie had to remind him.


"Oh. I won't buy swords. I just want to see whether the shop has rare weapons or not." Li Changfeng cast a glance onto a tauren, who lifted a huge hammer to forge weapons, and walked into the shop.


"Hello. Could you please tell me the weapon you want?" While Li Changfeng appeared in the shop, its boss got close to him with smile.


"Em. Do you have daggers?" Li Changfeng looked around the shop and saw knife, spear, sword and bow, but he didn't find dagger.


In his previous life on the Earth, Li Changfeng had been best at the close combat. As a typical representative of people who could kill others instantly, he had been named "human machine" by his brothers in armies. This was why he had no interest in knife and sword; these weapons were not his style. He also thought his fists were more precise than bow. Therefore, he only wanted a dagger, because it could bring him a controllable feeling.


"Dagger? Are you talking the short sword?" The boss guessed uncertainly based on the length Li Changfeng showed.


"Yes! I want a short sword. Don't be too long." Li Changfeng recognized the name of dagger was different in this world in a sudden.


"Short sword…" The boss touched his chin.


"You have no short swords? It doesn't matter. Let's go to other shops." Observing the boss's hesitation, Li Changfeng immediately grabbed Xiaodie and planned to leave.


"Hey! Don't go, please. We have! It's impossible for us to have no short swords. We are the biggest weapon shop in White Tiger City. If we have no short swords, you won't find them in other shops!" The boss stopped Li Changfeng when he saw Li Changfeng was going to leave the shop.


"You have? Take out, please." Li Changfeng gazed at the boss in surprise. He didn't understand if the shop had the short sword, why the boss hesitated. Didn't the boss want to sell the short sword to him?


"Okay. Please follow me. I'm not sure you will be satisfied the short sword or not." The boss guided Li Changfeng to the counter, and fished a box covered by dust under the counter.


"In fact, we rarely forge the short sword like this. One reason is few people will buy it; the other reason is owing to the small size of a short sword, our customer will have various requests for high quality, so we have to spend much time in producing it. If no customer orders a short sword, we will not produce."


"Em? Why do you produce this short sword?" Li Changfeng pointed to the box, which seemed to be laid aside for a long time because it was too dirty.


"Oh. This short sword was ordered by a customer two years ago. But after it was created, the customer hasn't come here to take it away. I think he may forget the short sword, so we have retained it all the time. You can have a look."


As the boss said to Li Changfeng, he wiped the box and opened it.


"Wow…" Li Changfeng's eyes lighted up at once when he saw the dagger in the box. It was amazing! The black dagger shared a same length with forearm. Its body seemed to receive polish treatment which contributed to a smooth and clean appearance. What made Li Changfeng most surprised was there were two fullers on the dagger with a row of sharp sawtooth on its back. The hand shank had experienced special skid-resistance treatment, covered by densely packed salient points. This dagger really looked like the special dagger he had used in his previous life on the Earth.


Was it possible for seeing the advanced craft in this world? Li Changfeng raised the dagger with amazement. Its weight and steady feeling made him not sure whether it belonged to this world or not!

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