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"Childe, why do we come here? We have no money." Xiaodie asked Li Changfeng with puzzlement after standing before the pet shop.


"Why do you say that? Look! I have money now." Li Changfeng turned his hand round and many gold coins turned up, "Here you are and buy everything you want. If not enough, I can give you more."


"Ah…" Xiaodie was surprised. Where did the gold coins come from? She didn't see Li Changfeng bring them. Moreover, the monthly living expenses they got from the General's Residence were managed by her, so where did the gold coins come from?


"Relax. It's no problem." Noticing Xiaodie's confused sight, Li Changfeng patted her and stepped into the shop.


What the hell!


When Li Changfeng got close to the door, a slender leg rushed to him from inside. In a hurry, he parried the leg with his arm and turned round. However, before he took a breath, a thin arm attacked him immediately.


Damn it!


Li Changfeng got embarrassed. He had made a joke without thinking last time, but the elf remembered his words. But if she wanted to have a close combat with him, she was asking for an insult. He performed very well in the close combat. In his previous life on Earth, he had been named "human machine" in armies. When he had been a soldier, he was terrible at shooting. In the practice of about 10 meters apart from the target, he could hit the target one time in a total of 10 times. The only successful shooting was not based on his strength but fortune. So in order to be strong, he had to exercise his body. He had ever defeated five special soldiers at the same time.


Observing the elf's arm extended before his chest, Li Changfeng didn't want to waste time so he turned his hand round, held the elf's wrist and dragged her forward, making her lose balance. At the moment of the elf quickly adjusting her body, Li Changfeng pushed her back and lifted one leg to lay behind her leg.


"Ah!" The elf planned to retreat two steps to defuse the strength; but when she backed up, she touched Li Changfeng's leg, which resulted in she completely lost balance and began falling down.


"What do you think? Do you want to continue?" Li Changfeng held the elf's waist at his convenience.


"Hum. Shameless human." The elf blushed when she found she lied in Li Changfeng's arms, and she stood up immediately.


"Who is shameless? If I didn't hold you just now, you would fall down to the ground. By the way, it's you starting the fight!" Li Changfeng shrugged his shoulders with innocence and walked into the shop regardless of the elf's unfriendly sight.


Xiaodie stood outside, looked at Li Changfeng's back and couldn't help but shiver. Gosh! She couldn't believe her eyes! What did she see right now? Her childe triumphed over an elf! Although the fighting site was small and they didn't launch a real combat, Li Changfeng astounded her. His every action right now had been so precise that the elf had gotten into a passive situation from the beginning. Thinking of that, Xiaodie couldn't help but quiver again. Later, she stepped up to follow Li Changfeng.


"I remember this rabbit is able to spit out fire. Is there another one?" Li Changfeng walked to Xiaodie's most favored pet directly. He knew Xiaodie extremely wanted the rabbit, but she gave up it because of its high price of 10 gold coins. But he thought the rabbit deserved the high price because it was a trained pet. The elf must pay much attention to take care of it.


"I said I won't sell my pets to you." The elf gazed at Li Changfeng angrily. What an abominable man! She didn't want to make contact with Li Changfeng, because he was disrespectful to others.


"So there is only one, right?" Li Changfeng neglected the elf's words, took out the rabbit straightly and handed over to Xiaodie.


"Are you deaf? I said I won't sell my pets to you." Looking at Li Changfeng's action, the elf almost lost her consciousness due to fury. According to her resentful sight, it was easy to find that she wanted to beat Li Changfeng.

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