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Like the previous description by White Tiger, Li Changfeng could feel the special energy contained in the air around him was purified as White Tiger stayed with him. Additionally, the special energy in the distance continuously gathered around him. The only thing made Li Changfeng unpleasant was White Tiger actually acquired half of energy through its connection with him. But this could be tolerated. Li Changfeng was sure that his cultivation speed was faster than ten years ago. Moreover, in his dantian, he found the cultivation fruit of ten years ago, a kind of huge and mighty energy.


Li Changfeng had already remembered the cultivation formula and operation routes of the first heaven of White Tiger Method. Only five meridians were needed for the first heaven; four major meridians were in arms and legs while one big meridian was in back.


With the operation of White Tiger Method, Li Changfeng had a strong feeling that his weak meridians became stronger and stronger, and the part of energy he could control was also increased. However, he didn't know how to judge his cultivation level. On the basis of the introduction of White Tiger Method, he was at the high level of White Tiger third heaven in terms of his energy in body, but he couldn't completely control the energy.


Gradually, Li Changfeng felt he entered into an extreme realm. It was very comfortable like flying on the sky. Moreover, the operation speed became increasingly quick.




When Li Changfeng was indulged in the special realm and forgot himself, the cluster of energy in his lower abdomen exploded. The huge energy instantly rushed into Li Changfeng's meridians and ran madly along his operation routes.


Li Changfeng breathed in a gasp. It was so sudden that he couldn't respond to the change at once. It was too late to control the huge energy; even his meridians seemed not to bear that. The energy looked stable in appearance but was unstable in fact.


It was no time for Li Changfeng to think other things. At this critical moment, he suddenly thought of the perfect level of White Tiger first heaven, which was a stage using dispersive energy to strengthen physical body. At this stage, the energy in body would gather together; after reaching a specified degree, the energy would be spread to the whole body through the acupoints in major meridians. By experiencing the energy purification, bones and muscles could be strengthened, which made a preparation for the Immortal Body in the future. Namely, all nine heavens of White Tiger Method prepared for the Immortal Body. However, nobody knew the Immortal Body Secret Sutra all the time, so no one could reach the perfect level.


Thinking of this, Li Changfeng focused his attention and opened the acupoints in five major meridians through mind. During this process, a lot of energy slopped over the meridians.


With the overflow of energy, Li Changfeng breathed in a gasp. The feeling was like being burnt in fire. Each part of his skin could feel the combustion. It seemed that his soul was burnt.


I must hold on!


Thanks to Li Changfeng's strong will, he tried to be level-headed. He knew this was the necessary pain for cultivation, but he couldn't imagine this terrible feeling, such as being burnt in fire. He thought Xiaodie and his surroundings, aiming for relieving his pain through distraction. However, it was useless! He felt his soul was burnt; he couldn't neglect this awful feeling.


Time went by, Li Changfeng couldn't help trembling and blood came out from his mouth. Even his fingernails pricked his hands.


At the moment that Li Changfeng felt he was unable to continue, the burning feeling disappeared in a sudden. Later, a type of exhilarating feeling hit Li Changfeng, nearly ruining his tightened nerves. All energy withdrew from his meridians and gathered in his dantian.

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