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"Hu…" Li Changfeng breathed a sigh of relief; his tightened nerves and weary spirit recovered rapidly like an inflating balloon. He felt he was several times as energetic as before.


"What an awesome feeling!" Li Changfeng closed his eyes and observed his changes. He was exceedingly pleasant, for his body abounded with strength. At this moment, the only thing he wanted to do was to release his robust energy.


Thinking of this, Li Changfeng stood up.


"Fuck! What smell!!!" As Li Changfeng moved, the wind blew. A kind of terrible smell rushed into his nose in a sudden. Under the dim lamplight, Li Changfeng noticed his body was covered by a layer of black substance, which really caused nausea. He ran to the bath bucket immediately when seeing it.


After taking a bath and wiping water, Li Changfeng went out of his room and got into the yard. The red trace in the east sky indicated it was morning. Li Changfeng was surprised, because time went so fast! He had thought the cultivation had cost him just several minutes before. Encouraged by the energetic body, Li Changfeng couldn't help practicing kung fu in the yard.


Although his body was light and thin, Li Changfeng still recognized the body's strength, resilience and rigidity had been greatly improved. This was the result of strengthening physical body just at the first time. If his physical body could be strengthened nine times, even realizing Immortal Body, it would be fucking powerful! Thinking of this, Li Changfeng became hopeful for his future. The military fist of his previous life launched by him was full of strength, causing loud wind sound.


"Hu…" After practicing the fist several times, Li Changfeng exhaled and got sweaty. A remarkably exhilarating feeling struck him. Even the subtle reaction of breeze blowing through hair could be noticed easily by him.


"Childe…" When Li Changfeng was indulged in the long-lost feeling, Xiaodie's excited sound came from his back.


"Xiaodie, what's the matter?" Li Changfeng turned round, smiled and peered at Xiaodie, whose eyes were full of tears. He didn't know what time Xiaodie came here, but he guessed she stood behind him for a long time.


"Nothing." Xiaodie curled her mouth, ran to Li Changfeng and hugged him. She was clear that Li Changfeng's meridians were really recovered. Based on the looming energy of his fists, she knew that talented Li Changfeng got back!


"Childe. How do you feel when you begin cultivation again? And what's your cultivation level now?" After breakfast, Xiaodie cleared up Li Changfeng's clothes and presented her question.


"Cultivation level?" Li Changfeng got lost in thought for a short while. He had to admit the perfect level really cost a lot of energy. On the basis of the energy that existed in his dantian in fog state and liquid state, he speculated he was at the middle level of White Tiger second heaven. However, he had boasted the energy belonging to the high level of White Tiger third heaven before; after the strengthening for the perfect level, the energy dropped down to the middle level of White Tiger second heaven. It was enough to find the energy was consumed so much in his cultivation this time!

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