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"Awrrr. Childe." Xiaodie knelt down before Li Changfeng in a sudden after they had arrived in their yard.


"Em? What's the matter?" Li Changfeng got surprised and immediately held Xiaodie up. What happened? Why Xiaodie knelt down? There was no sign!


"Awrrr. Childe. It's my fault. I shouldn't have revealed my real power. I bring troubles to you. Please punish me!" Although Li Changfeng had held Xiaodie up, she still cried and blamed herself.


"Heh. My silly girl. It's not your mistake! And this is a good thing, not a trouble! Don't cry. Come on, I tell you good news!" As Li Changfeng said these words, he wiped the tears on Xiaodie's face and moved close to her ears.




"What?" Xiaodie peered at Li Changfeng in pleasant surprise, "Childe, are…are you cheating me? Have your meridians been recovered?" No wonder Xiaodie fell into amazement; indeed, Li Changfeng's meridians had been hidden by White Tiger for 10 years, and he had suffered sunstroke during the process of healing meridians at noon. Therefore, Xiaodie didn't know Li Changfeng succeeded or failed. But based on the condition at that time, he was more likely to fail. In order to avoid hurting Li Changfeng's heart, she gave up asking.


"Keep it down. It's a secret. Okay?" Observing Xiaodie's response, Li Changfeng raised his eyebrow and pinched her face gently.


"Em! I, I got it!" Staring at Li Changfeng, Xiaodie cried because of happiness. She rushed into Li Changfeng's arms. 10 years! It had been 10 years! How sad she was when seeing Li Changfeng lived passively. In these 10 years, she had supported Li Changfeng by her feminine shoulder. They had met many difficulties. Especially when Li Changfeng's mother had passed away one year ago, Xiaodie nearly couldn't find a reason to continue her life with a strong will. Li Changfeng's mother had entrusted her to take care of him before dying, but she was just a girl. What could a girl do? The only thing she could do was to try to look after Li Changfeng. God helps those who help themselves! This dream day came! Talented Li Changfeng got back! How happy she was!


"Xiaodie…Xiaodie?" Noticing Xiaodie stopped moving in his arms, Li Changfeng pushed her lightly. She fell asleep? He couldn't control his emotion when he saw Xiaodie's smile and closed eyes. He was really touched by her! It could be sure how relaxed Xiaodie was at this moment and how stressful she had been in previous daily life.


"It seems I owe you a debt of gratitude which I shall never be able to repay." Li Changfeng kissed Xiaodie's forehead with smile and bent to hold Xiaodie to her room.



After returning to his room, Li Changfeng took his upper clothes off. When noticing the White Tiger tattoo, he moved his mind. Immediately, cat-size White Tiger appeared with a cute and innocent appearance. They gazed at each other. Li Changfeng didn't think small White Tiger was cute. Instead, he was deeply impressed by the troubles it would bring to him.


"Hey! Asshole. Every dog will have his day. I will forget the threat you made before. But in the future, you must be quiet and not make troubles. Otherwise, I will stew you!"




"I know you can say human's language and I will think you agree if you keep silence."




"Fine. I think you agree! For our happy cooperation in the future, come on!" Li Changfeng friendly extended his hand to White Tiger.


White Tiger let out a roar, cast a disdainful glimpse to Li Changfeng and turned round to leave here.


Behind White Tiger, Li Changfeng's face twitched.

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