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There came the sound of chink. As Li Linglong's words reached into Xiaodie's ears, the chopsticks in her hand dropped down to the plate at once. At this moment, she was speechless. When she found her mind, she noticed Li Changfeng, Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun stared at her. She lowered her head immediately, picked up the chopsticks and ate food quietly like nothing happened.


"Why? Why do you want Xiaodie?" Seeing Xiaodie's uncommon response, Li Changfeng smiled. Li Linglong's words actually exceeded his expectation. He though many possibilities on the road, except this one.


"Two reasons. One is based on my personal thought, and the other is because of my kindness. Which one do you want to hear?"


"Heh. You have too many excuses to want my girl. Say your kindness at first." Li Changfeng held the teacup before him and waited for Li Linglong's reply.


"Okay." Li Linglong laid down the chopsticks and put on a serious expression.


"Fourth brother. If I say among our five brothers and sister, only me and my eldest brother have no hostility towards you, will you believe?"


"I know that." Li Changfeng nodded lightly. He was clear about previous things according to Xiaodie's description. Li Linglong spoke out the truth. But this was not the reason for her to drive Xiaodie away him just because she had helped him.


"It's good. Same as before, this time, I want to help you again. But I want Xiaodie for myself in the meantime."


"Be clear." Li Changfeng played the cup in his hand impatiently.


"Heh." Noticing Li Changfeng's attitude, Li Linglong threw out an angry glimpse to him, "Uncle Wei, have you seen yesterday's affair? Tell him."


"Yes, Miss." The guard behind Li Linglong stood out, bowed to Li Changfeng and gazed at Xiaodie.


"On the afternoon of yesterday, I saw Xiaodie fight with Anuo, the guard of Childe Second. Based on the combat condition, I'm sure Xiaodie is at the middle level of Rosefinch fourth heaven, right?"


As the guard's words continued, Xiaodie stopped moving gradually. At the same time, Li Changfeng, Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun gave sights to her. Li Changfeng had not seen the fight so he didn't know the truth.


"Right?" Li Changfeng turned round at liberty and stared at Xiaodie.


"I…" Asked by Li Changfeng, Xiaodie became twitchy. Confronting Li Changfeng's confused sights as well as Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun's expectation, she murmured, "Em." Then, she buried her head deeply.


"Relax! What's the matter? It's not useful for a girl to enjoy a high level in cultivation. Fourth heaven is okay!" Noticing Xiaodie lowered her head, Li Changfeng thought she fell into depression, so he patted Xiaodie's shoulder to comfort her.


"What are you talking?" Li Linglong gazed at Li Changfeng with her face full of amazement. Not only her, Princess Lingyun and her guards were also confused, because according to Li Changfeng's expression, they knew Li Changfeng didn't play a joke.

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