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When Li Changfeng and Xiaodie put on dry clothes and walked out of the yard, they saw Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun waiting for them at the entrance. Behind Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun were three guards.


"Have you finished?" Li Linglong threw out an angry glimpse at Li Changfeng.


"What are you talking? Don't think others are indecent like you!" Li Changfeng stared at Li Linglong with contempt. His sister was young but she knew much. It seemed that people of this world were not conservative as his expectations before.


"Hum! I don't want to talk to you." Li Linglong blushed and continued, "Lingyun wants to have a meal with you two. Do you have time?"


"Em? Of course, we have time." Li Changfeng got into a daze for a second. What did Princess Lingyun mean? Although she paid visits to the General's Residence many times, she never invited Li Changfeng to have a meal with her together. So what did she want to do? Maybe, she was fascinated by me? Glancing at Princess Lingyun on his side, Li Changfeng thought much in his heart.


"Don't misunderstand our invitation. We just want to eat with Xiaodie and you are an escort." Li Linglong broke Li Changfeng's imagination immediately when she noticed his roguish expression.


"Heh! Meal is enough. I don't care who you want to invite. Let's go." Li Changfeng cast a glimpse at Li Linglong, held Xiaodie's hand and took the lead to get out of the yard.


The dining site was selected at a small pavilion in the beautiful backyard garden of the General's Residence. In the hot summer, breeze passed through water surface, rippling a layer of green wave. The sweet scent of lotus ran into Li Changfeng's nose. What a carefree and joyous place!


"What do you want to do?" As several delicate dishes were put on the table, Li Changfeng couldn't hold his question back. The two women gave a glance to Xiaodie repeatedly and lowered their heads for whispering from time to time. But Li Changfeng never received any attention from Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun. Xiaodie hadn't experienced such a condition before, so she didn't know what to do under their sights.


"We want to do nothing. Just have a meal. Xiaodie, taste this." Li Linglong picked up a chicken wing into Xiaodie's plate.


"Miss, I don't deserve that." Seeing Li Linglong's action, Xiaodie was frightened to stand up at once.


"Hey! Stop talking that. Today, they invite you to have a meal, so the only thing you should do is to eat!" Noticing Xiaodie's tension, Li Changfeng grabbed her and made her sit down. He didn't feel embarrassed at all and ate ravenously. In fact, he had a good appetite at noon without any reason. He guessed that it might have a relationship with the cultivation in the morning.


"Yeah. There are no strangers, so relax. Look! Your childe eats ravenously. You should learn him."


There came the sound of smile. Li Linglong's words relieved the atmosphere. Xiaodie picked up the chicken wing and chewed it lightly.



"Fourth brother, how long has Xiaodie followed you?" Li Linglong ate food and pretended to come up with this question casually.


"More than 10 years. What do you mean?" The feeling of the talk in the meal starting hit Li Changfeng. He ceased his action and put chopsticks aside.


"Heh. I mean nothing. I just feel Xiaodie has accompanied you all the time since I was a kid. Time goes so fast. Over 10 years passed."


"So what do you want to say?" Li Changfeng gazed at Li Linglong in puzzlement; he didn't think Li Linglong just sighed for past time and said some sentences full of philosophy.


"Okay. I talk to you straightly." Confronting Li Changfeng's serious sights, Li Linglong decided to say her real thought, "I want Xiaodie to be my maid. You can present any condition within the bound of my abilities, I will promise you."

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