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"Childe…" Xiaodie couldn't help raising her head and fixed her plaintive eyes on Li Changfeng. It was inconvenient for her to explain to him, because Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun were here. If they knew Li Changfeng had forgotten the past things, Li Changfeng would meet some troubles.


"What's wrong?" Li Changfeng stopped playing the cup and looked around in surprise. Might his words be unsound? But he thought he was right and all he said were his real opinions. There were so many men in this world, which would be dominated by men. So why did people put high expectation on women?


"Heh. Childe Fourth makes fun of us." The guard around Li Changfeng was embarrassed. If Li Changfeng didn't think highly of Xiaodie's current cultivation level, he would be looked down by Li Changfeng. According to the appearance, he could be Xiaodie's father, but his cultivation was just at the high level of the fourth heaven. He couldn't compete with Xiaodie in cultivation talent.


"I'm not joking. I'm serious!" Seeing the guard's response, Li Changfeng repeated. In the meantime, the confusion in his heart became bigger. Was it difficult to cultivate to the fourth heaven? But he remembered Xiaodie had told him when he had been eight years old, he had reached the high level of White Tiger third heaven. That sounded the cultivation was not tough!


"Stop!" Looking at Li Changfeng's expression, Li Linglong couldn't help interrupting, "I know you don't want Xiaodie to leave you, but Xiaodie is a rare talented cultivator. Staying with you, her future will be affected. She has served you for over 10 years. Why not take her into consideration?"


"I…" Li Changfeng froze a moment, but he responded quickly. Therefore, it was really difficult to cultivate to the fourth heaven. Wow! He was so excellent when he had been a kid; no wonder White Tiger would choose him.


"By the way, the other reason is based on helping you!" Before Li Changfeng replying with complete sentences, Li Linglong broke in again, "Although I rarely stay in the General's Residence, I'm clear the affairs between you and second brother as well as third brother. Especially now, they must know Xiaodie's cultivation talent. Don't you think they will be attracted or play tricks?"


"You…Say clearer, please!" Li Changfeng frowned lightly because he couldn't understand Li Linglong's meaning.


"Alas!" Li Linglong let out a long sigh, "Why are you so foolish? Xiaodie is extremely excellent and she boasts immeasurable potential. Owning Xiaodie corresponds with adding a protective method. Especially Xiaodie is beautiful! From your perspective, what will you do?"


"Let her stay with me." Meeting Li Linglong's eyes, Li Changfeng didn't cover up his real though at all.


"That's I want you to know!" Li Linglong nodded her head seriously.


Li Changfeng exhaled out a long breath. He understood Li Linglong after all. Indeed, he didn't know Xiaodie was a rarely talented cultivator, so he gave a strange response. After knowing the truth, he was clear what he would confront in subsequent days. Xiaodie was his maid, so if someone wanted to take her away, there were two ways. First, Li Changfeng agreed. Second, scramble. Namely, everything would be easy as long as Li Changfeng disappeared.

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