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There came the sound of flop.


As Li Changfeng planned to stand up, a soft body dropped him down heavily before he emerged from water. Xiaodie saw Li Changfeng falling into water suddenly and worried him, so she couldn't help jumping into the bucket.


"Childe, are you okay?" Xiaodie fished out Li Changfeng from water, her face filling up with worries.


"Poof…" Li Changfeng turned his head to Xiaodie and spat out water to her, he showing his body situation by practical action, "Guess what?"


"Ah. Childe, you are so bad!" Xiaodie wiped her face with grievance, exerted her strength and pressed Li Changfeng into water by her hands.


Indeed, the common bucket was not ample for two people. Li Changfeng and Xiaodie playing in the bucket made the space become narrower than before. It was impossible for Li Changfeng didn't take any action. He extended his arms to hold Xiaodie's waist and pulled her into water.


"Em…" Feeling the soft body in his arms in the limited space, Li Changfeng had intense response immediately. Using one hand to embrace Xiaodie, the other hand to touch Xiaodie's well-endowed breasts that had caught his attention in the whole morning, Li Changfeng couldn't control his excitement any more.


"Er…" Before Li Changfeng completed his actions, Xiaodie put her hands around his neck and choked him.


What a shrewish woman! I Like!


Li Changfeng tried to shake off Xiaodie's hands and continued his actions, but he failed after a relatively long-time efforts. He had to surface to gasp for air. When he was ready to enter into water again, he cast a glimpse at the door and noticed two people were close in a sudden. They were his sister Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun.


What the fuck! How impolite they were! Why did they not knock at the door once more?


Confronting the two's confused sights, Li Changfeng knew his chance was wasted again.


The water sound resounded in a sudden. It was Xiaodie who got out from water.


"You're so bad! Childe, you're so bad!" Xiaodie didn't notice Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun at the door; she accused Li Changfeng of his roguish behaviors after out of water.


"What are you doing…" Li Linglong couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Xiaodie coming out from water. They had embarked on physical affairs in the morning…Now again…What did they want to do?


"Miss, Princess…" Amazed by Li Linglong's sound, Xiaodie found Li Linglong and Princess Lingyun came here after all. Recognizing she was not properly dressed, Xiaodie quietly hid behind Li Changfeng.


"Do you leave here? If not, I'm getting out now." Li Changfeng gazed at the two girls with displeasure and pretended he would get out from the bucket.


"I, I saw nothing…" Princess Lingyun made a shiver, turned round at once and ran out.


"You…You disappoint me!" Looking at the back of Princess Lingyun, Li Linglong threw out an angry glance at Li Changfeng and turned round to catch up with Princess Lingyun.


"Damn! I'm your elder brother!" Li Changfeng shook his head and got out from the bucket, "Xiaodie, go to change your clothes. Maybe they have something to tell us." Li Changfeng smiled at Xiaodie, who was wet from head to foot, and pulled her out of the bucket.

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