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Li Changfeng sat in the scorching sun with baring his upper body for nearly four hours. He was hit by a special feeling that he had never experienced before. Although this was his first time to cultivate the White Tiger Method, he didn't feel strange. Like an old horse knew the way, everything went smoothly. When the first heat flow rose from the dantian, Li Changfeng knew he had succeeded in healing his meridians.


Despite the first operation of the method carried out in several simple big meridians, Li Changfeng still felt uncomfortable like he struggled in a quagmire. The cultivation speed was so slow. All of these made him realize his fragile meridians, which were caused by his weak body. Although most blocked meridians were opened up by Li Changfeng owing to acupuncture, the impurities in his meridians were not excluded. The only thing he could do at this time was to eliminate the impurities by the heat flow step by step.


Xiaodie stared at Li Changfeng with seriousness. A human would feel dizzy if he was under the scorching sun for a long time. However, over four hours had passed; Li Changfeng still sat in the sun without movement. Xiaodie was really worried about Li Changfeng; but when she noticed the stern and firm expression on Li Changfeng's face, she held down her impulse to break in his cultivation. Because she knew Li Changfeng was doing a thing that might change his life. Ten years ago, Li Changfeng had been a top talented cultivator in the General's Residence, even in Yulong Empire. However, his cultivation path had come to a premature end, and his brilliant life had stopped. Ten years later, the youth, a useless man in many people's eyes, tried to step on the cultivation path again. Although Xiaodie didn't know how Li Changfeng to solve his meridians problem, as a loyal follower of Li Changfeng who put Li Changfeng at the first place, she proved herself through her action. She standing at the entrance of the yard, even though most authoritative first madam came here, she would stop her and leave a good condition for Li Changfeng to cultivate.


"Poof…" As time went by, Li Changfeng spat out black blood in a sudden, and his spirit drooped.


"Childe!" Xiaodie was astounded. As the red light flashed, she jumped close to Li Changfeng from the entrance of the yard. She got into anxiousness when she saw Li Changfeng's groggy appearance. It was obvious that Li Changfeng suffered heatstroke. Xiaodie pulled out those silver needles in Li Changfeng's back one by one in a thrilling speed. A freak scene emerging, every time when a silver needle was plucked out, black fluid would shoot up. But Xiaodie was not care this scene, she bent and picked up Li Changfeng. It was not difficult for Xiaodie to hold this thin man.


"Water…" Lying on the bed, Li Changfeng grabbed Xiaodie who wanted to take a towel. He moved his chin towards the nearby water bucket; indeed, he felt disgraced. He had excessive confidences in this body and spent four hours running the method in his meridians. However, the long-time cultivation in the sun made him nearly lose consciousness for heatstroke. If Xiaodie didn't stay with him, he couldn't imagine what would happen…


"Ah? Okay." Xiaodie understood Li Changfeng's gesture and held him to the side of the water bucket. Suddenly, Li Changfeng jumped into the bucket.


Awesome! Stimulated by the cold water, Li Changfeng shivered and his spirit recovered instantly. He felt his mind was clear again!

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