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"I'm afraid it doesn't depend on you!" Li Tianyi snickered.


"Oh? Does second brother also have interest?" Li Xiaotian gazed at Li Tianyi with confusion.


"Heh, I'm not very interested in physical affair like you. But Xiaodie is fourth brother's maid and has followed him since she was a kid. So do you think you have the chance to obtain her?"


"Aha!" Listening to Li Tianyi's scruple, Li Xiaotian shook his head in a carefree manner, "We all know how poor our second brother is! I think I can purchase Xiaodie by 500 gold coins."


"If not?" Li Tianyi's interest rose up when he saw Li Xiaotian's confident expression.


"Ha ha." Staring at Li Tianyi, Li Xiaotian let out a meaningful smile, "Second brother, I know the dispute between you and fourth brother. So you don't expect me to take actions alone. If the thing develops into an uncontrollable condition, why not team up with me? I require Xiaodie only. By the way, you know I take charge of the businesses of the General's Residence and our eldest brother has fought in battlefield. Therefore, if fourth brother disappears, you will be the master of the General's Residence!"


"Heh heh. Okay!" Li Tianyi agreed immediately, "Such a useless man like our fourth brother will bring shame on the General's Residence if he is still alive. You can inform me if he refuses you."


"Ha ha…"



"Oh…Take down a little. Yes. It's the right place. You only need to penetrate into my body for one cun (China's length unit, one cun is equal to 3cm). Ouch…" When Li Tianyi and Li Xiaotian discussed how to deal with Li Changfeng, he groaned in his yard.


After greeting Princess Lingyun and getting back, Li Changfeng set out to repair his meridians, which had been restored by White Tiger yesterday. However, the restored meridians were extremely weak, and some parts were even blocked. Li Changfeng couldn't run the basic route of White Tiger Method in his body, so he thought of the acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, he guided Xiaodie to help him heal his meridians by using silver needles.


Li Changfeng wore mere shorts and lied on the yard. He sat in the sun; at the same time, he directed Xiaodie to penetrate with needles. Xiaodie sat on Li Changfeng's ass with a box of silver needles in her hand.


"Hey, Xiaodie, what's wrong? Why stop?" Li Changfeng told Xiaodie the next place, but Xiaodie didn't take actions.


"Childe, my, my heart is aching...I can't continue." Xiaodie saw Li Changfeng's back full of silver; tears rolled in her eyes.


"Heh…"Li Changfeng smiled, "Don't worry! I'm fine. Nothing happens to me. Continue!"


"No. Childe, I, I can't." Tears dropped down Xiaodie's face to Li Changfeng's back. Xiaodie didn't know Li Changfeng had suffered what stimulation and why he did such thing. In the past, when Li Changfeng had been unhappy, he would beat her. Although she had felt wronged, Li Changfeng had been fine. But now…It was so painful!


"Xiaodie, don't cry. I ask you. Do you want me to repair my meridians and restart my cultivation?"


"Yes. I want. I really desire your meridians can be healed." Xiaodie replied without any hesitation.


"Okay. Now you need to follow my orders. Only by that, can my meridians be recovered. Otherwise, I'm still a useless man."




"Don't say but." Li Changfeng stopped Xiaodie directly, "Don't worry. I can control everything. There are three places you need to penetrate. After that, even if you want to continue, I will prevent."


"Em…Okay." Xiaodie thought for a short while and took the needle to penetrate into Li Changfeng's body.



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