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"Huh?" Lingyun planned to walk into the General's Residence, but her attention was caught by Xiaodie in a sudden.


"Who are you?" Lingyun got close to Xiaodie in puzzlement.


"This is my fourth brother's maid, Xiaodie. Don't you know?" Li Linglong came to them. Indeed, she was also astounded by Xiaodie's change, because Xiaodie had been common in ordinary days. However, Xiaodie was enchanting today. What happened to Xiaodie? Her body shape was changed completely.


"I know. But…the change is so big!" Lingyun threw out a glimpse at Xiaodie's chest and couldn't believe her eyes. Actually, she knew every personal guard of several childes, because she met them so many times. Especially Li Changfeng's maid Xiaodie was the only woman in all personal guards, so she couldn't forget her. But when she saw Xiaodie just now, she fell into surprise for Xiaodie's tremendous change.


"Heh heh. My change is also big. Look at me!" Li Changfeng raised his eyebrow with his head close when he noticed Xiaodie was too ashamed to show her face.


"You? Em, I don't discover your change." Lingyun raised her head, stared at Li Changfeng earnestly and shook head.


"Okay, stop please! My mom is waiting for you." Li Linglong grabbed Lingyun, who seemed to have other questions to ask, and took her to leave here.


Seeing Lingyun's back far away and thinking that there were nothing to do, Li Changfeng led Xiaodie to get back, leaving Li Tianyi and Li Xiaotian at the spot. The two still gazed at Li Changfeng and Xiaodie.


"Third brother, do you have interest in Xiaodie?" Li Tianyi patted Li Xiaotian's shoulder when seeing Li Xiaotian's lewd sights.


"Em? What do you mean? Second brother." Li Xiaotian turned round and pretended he knew nothing.


"Hee. I always know what you are thinking." Li Tianyi smiled and poked Li Xiaotian with one finger, "Anuo, tell my third brother what happened yesterday."


"Okay." Hearing Li Tianyi's order, the man who had fought with Xiaodie yesterday came forward from Li Tianyi's back, "Childe Third, yesterday, I had a battle with Childe Fourth's maid Xiaodie, and I'm sure she is at the middle level of Rosefinch fourth heaven at least."


"What?" Li Xiaotian turned to look at Anuo violently; he couldn't believe what he had heard.


Rosefinch fourth heaven? This might be not rare. But Xiaodie was very young. Even putting her in the whole General's Residence and making comparison, except Li Changfeng of ten years ago and their eldest brother Li Yong, nobody could exceed Xiaodie in cultivation talent at the same age.


"Are you attracted? Xiaodie is not only clever, but also pretty. And she is a talented woman!" Li Tianyi gazed at Li Xiaotian with smile when Li Xiaotian was in a trance.


"Heh heh, I don't want to cheat you, second brother. In the past, I really didn't realize Xiaodie is a sexy beauty. But today, just by one sight, I feel I can't withdraw my eyes from her. Now that I know she owns a high talent in cultivation, I can't give up her!" Li Xiaotian lightly rubbed his chin and got into thinking. He was attracted by Xiaodie's sexy body and he didn't expect her to have such a high talent. He couldn't let Xiaodie go.

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