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Under the guidance of Xiaodie, Li Changfeng eventually arrived at the door before Princess Lingyun came to the General's Residence. His second brother, third brother and sister had already waited.


"Second brother, third brother and sister. You have come here early!" Li Changfeng recognized his third brother - Li Xiaotian at first sight on the basis of their clothes and standing positions, despite he never met his third brother before.


Li Xiaotian left Li Changfeng a lascivious first impression. Li Xiaotian's eyebrows curled upward; as a man, he featured feminine tenderness. Maybe it was because Li Changfeng had awakened White Tiger, he could deeply notice Li Xiaotian's vicious feeling.


"Hum!" Li Tianyi gave Li Changfeng a glimpse with anger. He was still annoyed because he had been slapped by Li Changfeng yesterday.


"Hmm." Li Changfeng sniggered, didn't care Li Tianyi's attitude and passed by.


"Fourth brother. It has some time since we met each other last time. You are thinner than before." Li Xiaotian slightly clasped his hands and greeted Li Changfeng. However, his eyes were fixed on Xiaodie.


"Em. You are also thinner than before." Li Changfeng answered politely, came to Li Linglong with his head silently close, "Sister. Indeed, this morning we didn't do anything you imagine."


"Ah? What? It, it isn't my business." Li Linglong's face became red. She couldn't expect Li Changfeng to talk that thing to her directly. Thinking of the embarrassing scene in the morning, she was so shy. Although she had seen nothing, based on Xiaodie's gesture, she could know what happened. How abnormal Li Changfeng was! He did such a thing in the morning…


"Okay. I got it." Staring at Li Linglong's response, Li Changfeng shrugged with innocence. In fact, he didn't need to explain to Li Linglong. She was his sister and the truth was not important for her.


"Childe…" Standing at the end of the line, Xiaodie gently dragged Li Changfeng's gusset.


"What? Why do you hide behind?" At this moment, Li Changfeng discovered Xiaodie nearly stood behind him.


"Childe. They, they gaze at me…" Meeting Li Changfeng's confused sights, Xiaodie felt wronged.


"Emm. Hey! Be confident! Don't be afraid. I'm here!" Li Changfeng was surprised. It was just a triviality. He had predicted the result before. No man could neglect Xiaodie's sexy charisma. Her body shape was fuck amazing! The loose clothes almost exploded by her sexy body. Xiaodie caught all people's eyes here. Not only men, but also women cast a glance at Xiaodie on the sly.


"Princess Lingyun of White Tiger City comes…" As the sound of entrance guard resounded, Li Changfeng saw all servants lowering their heads.


"Ah! I told you I just pay an easy visit. Why did you make preparations? I don't need your reception." Although the girl didn't appear, her silvery sound came. Later, an energetic girl in white dress skipped and ran into the General's Residence. She seemed to be at the same age of Li Linglong, but she was more vivacious. By the way, she curved her eyes with sweet smile.


"Ha ha. You know we need to do this. You're a princess, and we must display our General's Residence courtesy." Li Linglong walked close to the girl when she saw the girl.


"Sister Linglong makes fun of me! Why do you say princess? You are older than me! I just visit my aunt, but you treat me like a stranger!" Lingyun pretended as she was unhappy and blamed Li Linglong.


"Okay, okay. I'm wrong. Next time, we won't prepare." Noticing Lingyun's displeased expression, Li Linglong comforted her at once.


"Liar! You say same words every time." Lingyun swung her arms and shook off Li Linglong's hands.

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